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Tom Haynes To WAGA?


Last week a few people emailed saying some rumor sprung up about Tom Haynes leaving WSVN for WAGA in Atlanta. I still can’t tell 100% if it’s true but at this point it leans more and more to a yes. He joined WSVN in 2002 from WDIV in Detroit.

Update: Confirmed. He’s leaving WSVN, going to WAGA, anchor of the 11pm newscast. Last day is this Friday 11/23/2007!

Who will take his place?

Charles Billi
Reed Cowan


Beatriz Canals!


  1. I am extremely sorry to see Tom leave WSVN. He was truly the best anchor at the station. I was hoping some day he would be upgraded to main anchor. WSVN, you should have tried to keep him here in South Florida.

    Tom, you will truly be missed by your South Florida audience. Best of luck in ATL and come back home soon!

    Now…as for his replacement. The ONLY RIGHT CHOICE would be to bring back Beatriz Canals and have her rejoin the anchor desk with Lynn Martinez. I am not sure if Beatriz would return, but I would say her audience would love her back on the air.

    WSVN if you are reading this comment, please bring Beatriz back!

    Beatriz, don’t settle for a cheap contract. WSVN knows you can bring in the audience, so make sure the offer is right for you. We would love to see you again!

    Good luck!

  2. It would be a big blow of Billi is not the choice, but I would really like to see Reed Cowan daily. He has the perfect delivery. Though, it would be nice to have Bea Canals back. Either way, Reed will be moving up. Either to weekend evenings our weekdays.

    All the best to Tom. I had like him from his days doing morning and always wondered why they didnt promote him sooner. He has however come off a little too safe and ordinary.

  3. puts them in a huge bind because they’re not just picking tom’s replacement, they’re pickign an heir apparent to craig stevens.

  4. Craig’s replacement? Is his job in doubt” Craig is still pretty young and I cant see a reason for them to consider replacing him now. Also, if you meant looking for youth, Billi is around the same age as Craig. Billi wouldnt make a strong lead anchor. Look like we are with Reed.

    What they need to do is get Beatrice Canals and boot Belkys Nerey.

  5. channel 7 can’t afford beatriz. she’ll resurface at wplg. you watch.
    and billi is such a loose cannon. that is his downfall. he’ll always be relegated to weekends until he gets fed up and leaves.

  6. Please get a reality check. They are NOT looking for a woman. They need someone who they can promote when craig leaves.

  7. Boot BELKYS yeah right. That’s not gonna happen anytime soon. Belkys will always be the head B**** at WSVN. WSVN would suck without her. Now as for Beatriz Canals yes WSVN please bring her back and pair her with LYNN they would be great team once again. BELKYS rocks !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hey! How about a little kindness folks? If you were Charles Billi, how would you feel if you read these comments? He has a heart that feels no different from anyone. He may or may not be the choice of those who log on here, but please everyone, take thought before you post something that could damage another human being.
    WSVN will do the right thing in making this choice. Those in control there have a terrific track record for picking good people. When they make their choice for Tom’s replacement, we all need to cheer for the person who gets it…and for the person who does not get it.

  9. Yeah Clay, why don’t we all stand up from our couches and do a symbolic wave and a cheer? You need to turn off your TV. You take it much too seriously. How do you know Charles has a heart? You never met the guy. He could be a nice guy or he may might not be a nice guy. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    I have seen SVN do some really stupid reporting over the years, so their track record isn’t as great as you think. How many of their reporters have stood on the beach during an approaching storm with 20mph winds at their backs and shrieked about the impending doom? All of them.

    If you are in TV or the public eye you have to have a thick skin otherwise you become an overly emotional marshmallow like you.

    Who loves ya baby!

  10. Well I like Charles Billi and wish him all the best, but if they do not pick him or Reed please make it be BEATRIZ CANALS. I also had nothing bad to say about Charles Billi, but everyone has there favorites and not so favorites.

  11. WSVN has a record of picking good people? You gotta be kidding. Maybe picking, but there must be a reason why they can’t keep them. If you think any other station in this market would hire Belkis, Craig, or Lynn, you’ve been drinking the water in North Bay Village. The good ones escape quickly. like Tom Haynes. The only one I don’t get is Christine Cruz, but she’ll get a better job soon. Historically 7 underpays dramatically, therefore only hacks stay there long term. If you don’t believe me, where is Laurie Jennings working these days? Pam Giganti? Reed is the best one there right now and he will be gone soon too, I am sure. The first time I say him I knew he was to good for the station.

  12. Good Luck Tom all the best.(Cya Back in a few Yrs(maybe less) lol) The replace hopefully not Billi hes to boring to me, Canalz maybe, Reed is more the guy to do the fill in

  13. Simple – channel 7 doesn’t keep them because they don’t want to keep them. With them it’s not about the on air people…

  14. I’ll never forget Delaine Mattheius when she was at 7. I remember one day, I was on my couch, and their doing traffic, then they do a cut to Delaine at the desk, and she’s fixing her breasts, it was an accident on-air, I guess. Then, the day she signed off, she was crying, like balling. She was gorgeous! I miss her. Where is she now? Anyone know?

  15. Sounds like Charles Billi is WSVN’S choice for the weekday slot. He’s been quoted as openly saying the job is his, so one has to assume that’s what they’re doing over there and he is just saying it as the ink dries. Congratulations Charles! You are amazing.


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