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  1. It seems less qualified, talentless folks will reign supreme as long as they settle for minimum wage (and age). Broadcast Journalism is dead.

  2. With her eventually out.. who is taking her place on Sat. mornings. They don’t have very qualified fill-ins now.. perhaps Beatrice Canals comes to a-m and they kick Kristi to wknds..??

  3. 20-year crush on

    Can you please put up the article from Newsblues? I can’t access it, but would love to read it.

  4. it’s so disappointing that they didn’t give her a send-off. she’s an institution in this town, and they fawned all over don noe and dwight lauderdale when they made their announcements. what a shame.

  5. Michele Williams on

    I have been watching Dianne Magnum since I was a kid and this is a sad day because she has mwant alot to South Floridians and I would still like to talk with her. A Fan Always.

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