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NBC6’s Jose Suarez Jumps to WSFL


Tribune’s WSFL looks determined to take on the big guys and quit being one of those stations known for 1 newscast and lots of shows we used to watch years ago. And, hopefully, stronger online presence.

Announced today, NBC6 and Telemundo 51 Digital Media Director Jose Suarez has been hired as director of local programming for the morning newscast on WSFL, which debuts next month.

Suarez who joined WTVJ in 2005 as the evening newscasts executive producer, has been head of WTVJ/WSCV’s digital department since its creation in April of 2006.

Before coming to NBC6 he was the news director at WUPW, the FOX affiliate in Toledo, OH.


  1. He goes from obnoxious Digital Media Director/Internet Reporter/Promotions interloper/Homo Mafia Hitman to obnoxious Programming Director for a morning show!?! The fat slob is always late to work in the morning! We are better off without this guy— our loss is now someone else’s loss.

  2. Yes we are better off without him. He ran the NBC6 website into the ground and filled it with ads that you can’t get rid of. He has terrible news judgement, but becasue he is gay and became close friends with the lesbian news director – he was protected by management. Even the GM at NBC6 signed with relief when she heard he was leaving. WSFL news??? Come on? It will be a pile of ^%$# cancelled after a year or so.

  3. Holy crap.. You two have issues. WTVJ’s sale to Post Newsweek had nothing to do with this guy. Talk about highstrung. Congrats to Jose. He was snatched to WSFL for a reason. Let me guess.. Emily and steadycam are “thisclose” to being unemployed or were given the boot weeks ago. Go get another job and stop being so bitter. Hats off to you Jose.

  4. I think Bill Kamal and Jose Suarez are one in the same. No one is bitter. We just don’t like people who can’t do their jobs well “Bruce,” I mean Jose.

  5. Snatched?!? The last time this a##hole had snatch was when snatch had him! He’s a jerk who intimidated people just b/c he was a “Director” of a one-person department. Just for the record I don’t care which way a person swings, but this guy is part of a homo clique that pulled favors for other gays including but not limited to the News Director, the Telemundo GM and a couple of Producers and Graphic Designers. ‘Nuff said!

  6. I also heard he had a big drinking problem that led to blwo jobs in public places and several run ins with police. Have fun over at WSFL or whatever that crap is.

  7. what’s with this attempt at smearing someone’s name?? how about sticking to the facts? he’s just another manager to jump ship before his job gets cut. he’s watching out for himself, which is exactly what everyone on this board should be doing– instead of trying to talk smack about people. So much hatred around here… good for you Jose, you got off the sinking ship– congrats!

  8. If anyone is a sn**** its Emily. Relax yourself. Stop spreading lies and worry about how well you do your own job.

  9. Wow! I worked with Jose in Texas and I can assure you he wasn’t gay then. If memory serves me right he was very involved with a very good looking female co-anchor. Gay or straight Jose seemed to be a very talented news junkie. Good luck Jose!!!!!!!!!!


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