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WPTV Got the Renderon Touch


Some wondered who did WPTV’s new graphics package. It was Renderon.

WPTV’s new boss Steve Wasserman, who headed WDIV in Detroit, also commissioned Renderon for that station’s WDIV’s graphics which are backed by music from WSVN’s Chris Crane.

Some frameshots below courtesy of Dan from Renderon


  1. The new graphics look good. Renderon did a nice job. I thought they were going to do something completely different. It sounds like they got a new announcer after Chris Clausen died. Either way, they still look great.

  2. thanks lola 🙂 someone just pointed out this thread to me…Alain is correct in that I did not do WPTV music, though I did score WDIV’s newstheme for Neil Goldstein. -CC

    rip Chris Clausen – a good man.


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