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Open Thread: Super Bowl Ads! What did you think?


What did you think of the new Super Bowl ads? I was a tad disappointed, to be honest. Additionally, what did you think of the multi-day news coverage. Today Show went live from… a blimp? Nice.

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  1. I liked the fact that two of the ads featured South Florida talent: Debbie Campbell was the pretty blond who needed her rear end reattached after suffering LMAO syndrome. And Casey Williams was screaming in frustration as she showed up to her dreaded job.

  2. Conan Vroom Vroom the Party Starter…and Diorites Crystal Ball. The Diorites spot cost $2000 to make and was made by two unknowns. Take that big AD companies!

  3. Doritoes crystal ball was the best.
    The Budweiser ad where the guy was thrown out the office window for suggesting not to bring beer to office meetings.
    LMAO syndrome ad was good too.
    And GoDaddy did not disappoint.

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