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What’s next to go at NBC6?


As the layoffs at WTVJ continue, the question often asked is “what’s next to go?” The following are predictions based on alleged tips, and general knowledge. None of the following is confirmed in any way.

  • South Florida Today – This really seems like the only “dead weight” left at the station. Think about it. They need morning news. They need evening news at 6PM and 11PM. Do they need to staff a “talk show” that pulls in low ratings, and is most likely costing more that than it makes? They just diminished the non-essential weekend sports show. South Florida Today is next on the hit list.
  • AM Producer(s)/Staffing – I want to stress that this is all just non-confirmed predictions. With the 11AM show gone, why keep the producer or staff for it? It’s just a given that if a show gets canceled, so does it’s staff.
  • Dead Weight Reporters – If you don’t report every night, or have no current time when you’re needed; why keep you? Political reporters are a thing of the past. If you can’t be multi-functional and a cost saver for your station, you can say goodbye.
  • The Studio – Several people have commented saying that a move to Hialeah is possible. Telemundo owns a facility there, and that was the location T51 was planning on moving into after the sale. Why pay for two facilities in this tough time?

Note: I’m not talking about anyone in specific in the article. I’m just throwing out the most likely scenarios, and the repercussions of those scenarios. Your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Mark my words within a year that Hialeah move will happen, they have the space there. Remember that Telemundo studios is not just a couple of studios for Telemundo. Its Telemundo, NBC Universal offices. It also has what i counted atleast 29 television studios. After Los Angeles and New York, this facility is NBCs 3rd largest. Aside from nearly all Telemundo productions, it has seen use in various universal productions and as i mentioned before Jay did the Tonight Show from one studio in early 2000s soon after NBC purchased Telemundo.

    Doesn’t South Florida Today have the same staff as Today in South Florida? It appeared that way to me when I was there. But I may not have really been paying close attention.

    This show would have worked better at noon. Or WTVJ could air it at 10 and prempt the 4th hour and move to 11am to compete with The View and the Price is Right like many NBC stations in the east did.

    • Because it is a REAL functioning TV studio, albeit not 30 Rock. There is a large Office area. Some of the surrounding area buildings are NBC Uni and Telemundo offices. If you get a chance to ever go inside, it isnt bad at all.

    • It is a Local TV station, not a network production facility. I dont think Telemundo had looks in mind when building Telemundo.

      Go on street view in LA around CBS and ABC/Disneys production studios, they look similar. That’s what a studio city looks like. NBC LA’s isnt a fair comparison since they are brand new. Look at Univisions next to WFOR also.

  2. I actually like South Florida Today, but I think you’re right – it’s probably curtains for them next.

    They cannot be bringing in big ad dollars for that show and would probably do better from a productivity standpoint with one anchor and one weathercaster doing a more traditional half hour show at noon… but my money is on them canning the show completely and backing away from midday news.

  3. Why is GBMiami so crazy about Hialeah ? One of the great mysteries of the world. I avoid that city like the plaque. Cars move slower then snails there. Next, GBMiami will say the White House should be relocated on 49 St.

  4. Imagine WTVJ located on 49 St and a breaking news story happens, it will take them 30 mins just get out of that city with the traffic moving as slow as it does. There goes all their “late breaking news” lol.

    • Imagine a story happening in Miami area (they mostly happen there) and WTVJ is located in Miramar. It takes almost the same amount of time you mentioned. Don’t forget Mitch, Traffic goes both ways. Its called Urban Living. Whether you are in LA, Dallas, Chicago, etc there is traffic and the news stations made do. If there is a will there is a way.

  5. I work there. How do you think I know what the traffic is? The primary access for them will be 21 Street (74 Street) to the Palmetto, another road famous for its smooth flow. Good luck with that…

    • Or those that actually live in Miami could use public transit…as i have been saying all along. MetroRail’s Okeechobee Station is right there next to Telemundo.

      In fact, in my many travels on Tri-Rail to Miami and use of MetroRail i have encountered numerous NBC Uni and Telemundo employees who do just that.

  6. On subject here: Get rid of that horrid 11am show and fire that bitch Tammy Delgado. She deserves to work at McDonalds. We all hate her at the station.

  7. Both Alex and I think the 11 am show will be the next to be axed. Poor Bob Mayer, he’s on vacation till mid July. What a mess that he’s coming back to!

    • Sounds to me like he is coming back to easier work. Just Today in South Florida. He will also come back to an exciting move to Miami-Dade, which is closer to his house.

  8. That South Florida Today show is horrible. Even worse, I’m impressed that Sun-Sentinel even considered the idea of that terrible SFL morning show. Is anybody even watching that?

    • I do occasionally, I don’t think it is that bad at all. Without that we really would be one of the largest television markets with no morning talk show of our own. We already dont have an indy english language station like most large cities have in the US. That, is unless CBS really doesent renew its contract with MyNetworkTV affiliation with WBFS when it ends soon.

  9. I’m convinced Miami is GB’s Viagra….he never stops talking about it….I live in Broward and you dont hear me commenting about it unless GB brings it up (no pun intended),….and no GB, I wouldnt know what a Viagra pill looks like even it was right in front of me. I knew that was gonna be your come back line…..lol


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