Univision Reporter Myriam Masihy Joines WTVJ NBC 6

Univision Reporter Myriam Masihy Joines WTVJ NBC 6

Myriam Masihy WTVJ NBC 6 South Florida investigavtive reporter
Myriam Masihy Photo: MyriamMasihy.com

Myriam Masihy has joined WTVJ NBC 6 as an investigative reporter though right now she’s out and about South Florida getting wet while reporting on Isaac. Before joining NBC 6 Masihy was an investigative reporter at Univision for six years and worked as general assignment reporter at WLTV Univision 23 for five years from 1999 to 2004


  1. Great reporter! Worked with her and her husband at one radio station in the market. NBC 6’s big gain!

  2. Guilty as charged. yes it was MEGA 103.5. Was there doing weekends and fill-in for 2.5 years, and last I heard that they were still married.

  3. After nearly a decade, I STILL miss the Old Mega 103.5, and will never forget the day when they changed the station’s format Without Warning. I’m guessing, though, that ratings were lousy in the Fall of ’02.

    • I remember those dark days well :(
      Around Thanksgiving, they did a Christmas music stunt, all automated, no jocks. I figured something was up, so I resorted to Hward Stern (on Big 105.9) in the AM, and tapes and cds in the afternoon (I only listened to radio by then in the car during the commute to and from work). Then the day after Christmas, they went back to the regular playlist and most of the jocks, so I figured it was just something they did for the holiday season. Then the day after New Year’s Day, I got in the car to go to work after a 2 week break, turned on the radio and was greeted by hip-hop music :(
      At least the latest incarnation of 103.5 (SHE) plays a lot of things I like :)

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