Slumlord Charged With Battery After Confronting WPEC Reporter Lynn Gordon


Lynn Gordon WPEC CBS 12 News reporter assaulted by slumlordWPEC CBS12 reporter Lynn Gordon had an exclusive story on a Lake Worth slumlord who would not repair the broken septic tanks at his property, letting his tenants and their kids live surrounded by filth.

Gordon and photojournalist Frank Porter approached Nabil Kashik as he walked down the street near the property to ask him about the tenant situation. Upset at seeing the news crew, the man is heard telling Lynn Gordon she is “…not permitted” (they were on a public street), then suddenly grabs Gordon’s microphone, yanking it forcefully from her hand.

A resident who saw the confrontation called 911. Cops arrived, watched WPEC’s video, and arrested Nabil Kashik for assault later charging him with battery.



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