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WFOR Anchor Shannon Signs Off Today


shannon-hori-web-headshot1WFOR anchor Shannon Hori is anchoring her last CBS 4 News newscasts today before she signs off for the last time and head to Kentucky and WAVE-TV. SFLTV reported in March CBS allegedly did not renew her contract. Hori has been with WFOR since 2007.

WFOR continues to struggle in the ratings, and management is no doubt looking to improve them, though whether doing away with a familiar face would help more than hurt remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, local celebrity/photo agency World Red Eye bid farewell to Shannon Hori with a long post featuring snapshots from many of the South Florida events she emceed while here. You can check it out here

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  1. 4 had no choice. High personal problems with low rating numbers will be shown the door
    every time. Going back to where you started. Hope she didn’t burn all her bridges.
    Happy Trails!

  2. She was expensive and the ratings not there. I suspect a change of scenery will serve them well, hubby went bk on the restaurants, foreclosure on the house, child with big time medical bills..that spells financial disaster even with good earning power. Going smaller should be good if they play it correctly, lets see if they can handle a toned down lifestle, it was very expensive

  3. I don’t think Shannon signed-off properly on Thursday because there was breaking news on Shucker’s Deck Collapse. I’m not sure, but I don’t think she said goodbye on Thursday at the end of the 11:00 pm news. All I heard her say was goodnight and… that was it.

    • It sucks how they didn’t give her a proper send off. I hate the way they’re going. I wish the voice over could be replaced. My pick for WFOR’s new vo should be Scott Chapin, from WTSP.

  4. We still wait to find out who will be Shannon’s replacement at 4. Don’t know if CBS could be looking at moving Cynthia Demos from weekend news to evening news… smart decision would be to keep Rhiannon Ally on morning/noon news. Don’t know if CBS could be looking to woo back a former female anchor either (several names that come to mind… Mabriel Rodriguez, Danielle Knox, Jade Alexander, and Maggie Rodriguez)… or maybe CBS trying to woo a female anchor from a competing station (WPLG removed Kristi Kreuger from morning news recently, which could lead to speculation about her possibly jumping ship… WTVJ canned Kelly Craig about 4 years ago, which didn’t really sit well with a lot of viewers).

    • If WFOR wants to stay in house:

      Cynthia to weeknights, Natalia Zea to weekend evenings. Or Maribel to weekend evenings, Natalia to weekend AMs

      I’m sure none of the above will actually occur LOL

  5. Bring back Maggie plain and simple. They keep getting rid of people but not replacing them. Not that I was a Shannon fan at ALL. But Antonio is gone no replacement, Shannon gone, no replacement so far. Reporters leave and are not replaced. It will be every story compiled with pictures from the audience. Pathetic. They have so much possibility here to do something.

  6. They must be looking outside for her replacement. They’ve known about her departure for a long time, so if they had a plan to replace her with Cynthia or someone else you would think there would have been some kind of hand off. Or maybe they’re waiting?

  7. I didn’t know anything about Shannon Hori leaving. She was wonderful- A real class act. I don’t understand why, of all of the questionable personalities on CBS News, they would want to get rid of Shannon. The women not so much but a couple of the men – Brian Andrews – really, he is over the top just too much – and Jim Defiti or however you spell his name – YUK. So I just read that Shannon was having personal problems – but how sad that CBS would not stand behind her and her family. Who isn’t having personal problems these days. Shame on CBS 4. I am done with you!

  8. Shannon is missed so much. Always enjoyed her lovely personality and intelligence, and compassion. How foolish of CBS to let her go

  9. WFOR is stupid. The reason they’re dead last in the ratings is because they dump the best people. They are idiots, I will never watch them anymore.


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