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WFOR Not Renewing Shannon Hori’s Contract


fl_shannon_hori_smileFTVLive reports this morning WFOR anchor Shannon Hori will be leaving the station soon. According to the report management have decided not to renew her contract. Hori has been with WFOR since June 25, 2007 when she took over for Maggie Rodiguez who left to anchor ‘The Early Show’ on CBS. No word on who may be taking over for Shannon Hori yet but Maggie has been out at CBS since 2010 perhaps there are plans afoot to bring her back to WFOR.

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  1. I second newswatcher’s comment. Maggie got screwed when they replaced her on The Early Show. Bring her back to South Florida!

      • Hannah Storm was with The Early Show, but if you asked me, she got off a sinking ship and went on a luxury cruise liner (her next job was with ESPN)

  2. Shannon is the only reason I watch CBS4 at 11pm. She is a great talent and made great contributions to the local community. What is wrong with WFOR? First they let go Antonio Moira and now this?

  3. Elliot Rodriguez must be sticking pins in a CBS voodoo doll. You’da thunk he would have been totally washed up after being canned by WPLG essentially for being too old. Lands at CBS4 and eventually gets to watch both #1 anchors get their pink slips. Network will surely bring in an outsider–but who would want the job? I can picture Maggie wretching when told “you can go back to Miami and pair with Elliot again!” I would be happy to see more of Cynthia, but again NOT next to Elliot. She is really the prototype #2 for this market but deserves better than mornings or weekends; FOR is overloaded with middle-of-the-road female anchor/reporters (Rhiannon, Marybel, Natalia) who would only advance to #2 or #3 anchor in a much smaller market. Other stations have the problem of too many “stars” with no support; FOR now has the reverse: one very fading “star” and too many little pieces.

  4. this is terrible news… I think Shannon has really become part of this community and has done a great job becoming the face of WFOR. Of course, this could have been her idea not to renew?

    By the way, they could easily bring Maggie Rodriguez back (and keep Elliot Rodriguez and Shannon Hori) now that Mora is gone — two anchors to cover two hours worth of news is not the best situation in a top 20 market.

  5. Who knows. If there is some purging at WPLG maybe someone will head south on the Palmetto to Doral…. Just a thought.

  6. Shannon will probably get another great job somewhere else. Cynthia is definitely the way to go if FOR4 wants to gain credibility. I for one would start watching again if they put her at 11!

    Whatever they do they have to stop making so many changes.

  7. Before Shannon came to WFOR, she was a morning anchor at DFW CBS station KTVT… before KTVT, she worked at Hearst-owned Orlando NBC station WESH. Not sure if WESH could be wooing Shannon back their way… or if Shannon is being offered a job at another major market TV station (in NYC, LA, Chicago, Philly, DFW, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, DC, or Houston… those being top 10 DMAs). Hope she isn’t being forced out.

    As for Shannon’s replacement… it appears evident that Rhianion Ally and Cynthia Demos could be jockeying for the evening anchor spot… at the same time, WFOR could be attempting to woo Maggie back as well.

  8. Jockey all she wants Cynthia Demos won’t be getting any main anchor position in Miami. The star quality just isn’t there.

  9. Shannon’s departure is a tremendous loss for us viewers here. She is always such a consummate professional, smart, and well-spoken on television as well as a person truly committed to giving back to the community. I watch cbs4 because of her. Shannon is the only Asian American on our local news stations. What is the reason for not renewing her contract?

  10. Why does wfor not want to renew her contract? Are they against Asian women? I enjoy watching Shannon because she is articulate and has a very pleasant personality that comes across. Watching her always is refreshing and such a positive experience. Once Shannon leaves, with certainty I will watch a different local news station.




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