WXEL Wants to Renegotiate WTVJ Signal Conflict Settlement


The new owners of PBS affiliate WXEL want to renegotiate their signal inteference settlement with WTVJ according to the Palm Beach Post.

In 2002 NBC agreed to pay WXEL $6.4 million dollars spread out over 15 years because of WTVJ’s signal conflict. But in July 2012 WXEL got sold and the new owners had to borrow $1.5 million to complete the deal. They would now rather NBC/WTVJ pay out the remaining $1.4 million from the signal conflict settlement in one lump sum so they can cover the loan and save on interest.


  1. Comcast’s response should be: Hell No! This isn’t Comcast’s/NBCUniversal’s problem, so therefore they have no obligation to do anything.

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