WPLG Hires New Anchor

WPLG Hires New Anchor

WPLG Local 10 News

Eric Yutzy Sports reporter WPLG Local 10 NewsWPLG are adding another member to their team.

After three years in Indianapolis Eric Yutzy is trading snow for sun and joining Local 10 as sports reporter news anchor from NBC affiliate WTHR. He was the weekend sports anchor there.

His first day at WPLG is today.



    • They never replaced that girl, Crystal, who was not seen on the air again after she used ghetto slang reporting the day after the Heat won the NBA championship. Never ever heard a reporter talk like that live from any other station in our area. This guy has got to be an improvement .

        • Jason, the morning anchor, went to her live and asked “if the players were celebrating with champagne after the game” Her response, as I recall, was
          “I don’t know about the players but I know I AIN’T GOT NO CHAMPAGNE”.
          They don’t call it the Haitian Station for nothing. Ha!

          • I have heard the station referenced as the Haitian Station before, but not sure why. I don’t think I have ever seen any Haitian anchors or reporters on there before.

          • Noooww I remember. I do recall her saying that. Totally forgot about that!!
            No biggie to me though as I did not gravitate towards her reporting capabilities. She seems like a down to earth young lady…but was not my cup o tea.

  1. I don’t get it either, why the Haitian station. Is it because the earthquake happened and they covered it and did follow up stories, and when did they become this Haitian station. Clue us in plz cause I’m trying to see the connection.

    • Started hearing it a couple of years ago. It is in reference to the poor quality of their news broadcasts, strange hires and fires, and on air personalities acting unprofessional. Something like you might see being broadcast out of Haiti. Yes, a dis.

  2. Eric Yutzy co-anchored with Jacey Burch all weekend….Victor Oquendo did sports……Wondering if he is going to be an news anchor or sports guy….Personally I thought the times Victor filled in as anchor he did a great job. I will say though that Eric does seem to have some personality to him.. The only time it seemed awkward with him and Jacey was during the sign-of at each end of newscast. Seemed like it didn’t flow very well.

  3. The “Hatian Station” stems from the surveys that were done, which supposedly said haitians were their market and started the screwing of Scott Padgett, Michael Smith, the demotion of Trent Aric for Betty Davis etc., etc., etc. They even screwed Byron James.

    WPLG will NEVER be WSVN no matter what changes they make. All they’re really doing is turning their viewers AWAY. They have become shameful to TV News

  4. Sorry….cannot warm up to this Yutzy guy after Jason every morning. Simple fix.. switch to CNN New Day with Chris Cuomo.