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Personally, I avoid the “hottest women” topic for a number of reasons but since it’s out there might as well join in.

The Miami New Times had its ten hottest female reporters last week. This week The Broward New Times did what’s only fair, and ranked their favorite local news hunks. Eleven of them actually. And since hunks are a favorite topic at SFLTV headquarters (Serge Henir anyone?) we’ll have to disagree with the placement of Adam Kuperstein and Todd McDermott so far up (down?) the ranks. Personally, we’d think they both be somewhere near Sun Sentinel reporter Omar Kelly, who came in 2nd place. 

And where is Ben Kennedy?! Maybe we need a SFLTV News Hunks list. You can see the full list here

Who’s your top TV hunk?


WTVJ sports reporter Adam Kuperstein has been promoted to main anchor. He was supposed to anchor the weekday morning newscast with Pam Giganti but instead got put on the evening newscasts after Kevin Corke was shown the door. Kuperstein joined WTVJ in July of 2005 from the FOX station in Toledo, OH as a sports reporter and anchored WTVJ’s Sunday sports show.

Meanwhile, meteorologist Ryan Phillips had been moved to  mornings with Pam and Shiri Spear was bumped to weekends. And Trina Robinson will now anchor the 5:30pm newscast while Pam Giganti will add NBC6 at 11am to her schedule

You can say the new bosses are starting to make their presence known

The NBC/WTVJ Press release after the jump

Adam Kuperstein, WTVJ sports reporter Photo: NBCMiami.com

Bob Mayer reitred from WTVJ in July of 2010 and since that time the station hasn’t had a two-anchor team on weekday mornings, leaving Pam Giganti to anchor solo at a small table and having Roxanne Vargas cut in for breaking news.

Fast forward to today and we have WTVJ sports anchor/reporter Adam Kuperstein announcing via twitter he’s joining the morning crew alongside Pam.

Kuperstein has anchored news on WTVJ quite a bit in recent months, and reported on regular news since 2009.


WTVJ canceled ‘Sports Final’ in July of 2009 amid the souring economy but GM Ardyth Diercks was quoted as saying that it could return eventually. Fast forward to today and we have WTVJ (sports) reporter Adam Kuperstein tweeting that the station’s Sunday sports wrap show is returning!

Kuperstein says ‘Sports Final’ will be back on the air starting September 12 for the Miami Dolphins opener and will be hosted by him and Joe Rose. In a follow up tweet Kuperstein’s adds that “the show will be shorter but EARLIER–about 15 minutes after the Sunday Night Football game on NBC. We can’t wait!”.

Adam Kuperstein, WTVJ sports reporter Photo: NBCMiami.com
Adam Kuperstein, WTVJ sports reporter Photo: NBCMiami.com

I don’t remember if we mentioned it, maybe Alex did but I don’t read this blog (shh don’t tell anybody now) but keep being asked about this on meebo.

No, Adam Kuperstein hasn’t left WTVJ. He is now sports and general news reporter during the week. The weekend sport segments will be read by the news anchor instead. The segment itself will be prepared by a sports producer on staff.