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WTVJ Promotes Adam Kuperstein to Weekday Mornings

Adam Kuperstein, WTVJ sports reporter Photo: NBCMiami.com

Bob Mayer reitred from WTVJ in July of 2010 and since that time the station hasn’t had a two-anchor team on weekday mornings, leaving Pam Giganti to anchor solo at a small table and having Roxanne Vargas cut in for breaking news.

Fast forward to today and we have WTVJ sports anchor/reporter Adam Kuperstein announcing via twitter he’s joining the morning crew alongside Pam.

Kuperstein has anchored news on WTVJ quite a bit in recent months, and reported on regular news since 2009.

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  1. He is what they needed in the mornings. All-female team wasn’t the answer. Pam carried the burden. More men on the show… well no, more experienced people on the show… that’s what was needed.

    So good luck, Adam!

  2. Good. I stopped watching because the show sucks. Do not like how this girl Roxanne Vargas takes up the screen. It’s all her.

  3. According to @Akuperstein’s twitter he also is the host of a new radio show weekdays from 1-3PM on WQAM!

  4. What ever happened to Adam? I don’t usually watch 6, but when I have tuned by recently, I don’t see him in the morning. ???

  5. I didn’t even know this guy was a TV personality, but I’ve listened to him a bunch of times on WQAM and all I can say is that he’s horrible on the radio. He always comes across as a total nerd, his delivery is not very good. He just doesn’t have that ‘it’ quality. He’s always outshined by his partner, forner Dolphin’s linebacker, Channing Crowder, who has maybe 2 years of broadcasting experience, but alot of natural broadcasting talent. Crowder should be on ESPN in a few years or Fox Sports. I really enjoy Dan Le Batard, Sid Rosenberg, and Joe Rose on South Florida Sports Radio, but Adam Kuperstein is not in their league.


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