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Guess who’s back! WFOR just announced they hired John Gerard as the new weekend meteorologist. South Florida viewers are already very familiar with him, for several years he was a meteorologist at WPLG until moving to WTVJ in 2004. Gerard left WTVJ and South Florida in 2010 for San Antonio NBC affiliate WOAI-TV, he’s currently that station’s chief meteorologist.

In addition to his weekend duties, Gerard will also be the primary fill-in meteorologist for Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer.

John Gerard’s first day on the air at WFOR is June 15 at 6 and 11pm.


Craig Setzer WFOR Chief MeteorologistWFOR made it official today, Craig Setzer is the station’s new chief meteorologist. He takes over for David Bernard who left at the end of the November sweeps last year.

Setzer has been with WFOR for 14 years, starting way back in the year 2000 as executive weather producer and on-air meteorologist for the weekend broadcasts, and later for the newscasts on WBFS.

David Bernard congratulated Setzer on twitter after the announcement was made

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p><a href=”https://twitter.com/DavidBernardTV”>@DavidBernardTV</a> Thank you, very kind words. Didn&#39;t know that $20 bribe would go so far!!! I&#39;m buying lunch next time</p>&mdash; Craig Setzer CBS4 (@CraigSetzer) <a href=”https://twitter.com/CraigSetzer/statuses/438418379884736512″>February 25, 2014</a></blockquote>
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WTVJ Chief Meteorologist John Morales also congratulated Setzer on Twitter

Craig Setzer WFOR Meteorlogist flugtag accident
Photo: @CraigSetzer

WFOR meteorologist Craig Setzer took a hard tumble while attempting to fly his flugtag plane in September at the National Red Bull Flugtag Miami. “Doing better, out of trauma center, very sore, no long-term damage” he tweeted a few hours later after the incident but now it seems his injuries may not have been so benign. Setzer had to have spinal surgery yesterday that “took longer than expected.” according to his last tweet.

Spinal injuries are no joke so hopefully he has a full and speedy recovery with not long-term damage, because with WFOR chief meteorologist David Bernard is leaving the station at the end of November sweeps, Craig Setzer could be in line for a job promotion.



WFOR meteorologist Craig Setzer participated in the Flugtag today, riding this weird looking airplane-on-top-of-hotdog-cart thing off a cliff and into the water. What could possibly go wrong right?

BUmd4nSCYAAGDJjWell it apparently couldn’t fly (shocking!), and Setzer had a rough landing that he got hauled to the ER with a neck brace.


The face thankfully is fine, as are his teeth, so we will be seeing him on the air. “Well it didn’t go as well as I had hoped”, he quipped on twitter after the accident. He got away with just soreness and “no long term injuries” per another tweet.

And that is why kids, you stay at home and play with your awesome new XBOX One.

Photos via @CraigSetzer


WFOR CBS4 have launched a mobile weather lab. The station has been promoting this thing but I as of Friday it’s official. It’s a tricked out Subaru Outback sponsored by a local car dealer filled with gadgetry like a large screen and a sensor station mounted on the roof that can measure wind speed, temperature, humidity, air pressure and rain fall.

WTVJ launched their “Hurricane Hummer” way back in 2005, tricked out with technology, that was supposed to make an appearance during hurricane coverage but viewers barely saw any of it.

After the jump video of the introduction by WFOR meteorologist Craig Setzer