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WFOR Names John Gerard Weekend Meteorologist

John Gerard WFOR CBS 4 Miami

Guess who’s back! WFOR just announced they hired John Gerard as the new weekend meteorologist. South Florida viewers are already very familiar with him, for several years he was a meteorologist at WPLG until moving to WTVJ in 2004. Gerard left WTVJ and South Florida in 2010 for San Antonio NBC affiliate WOAI-TV, he’s currently that station’s chief meteorologist.

In addition to his weekend duties, Gerard will also be the primary fill-in meteorologist for Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer.

John Gerard’s first day on the air at WFOR is June 15 at 6 and 11pm.

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  1. So what is going to happen with John Guaraldi and Michael Smith? I looks like they have too many in the team now. Craig Setzer, Lissette Gonzalez, John Gerard, Michael Smith, Bay Scoggin, and John Guaraldi. My prediction…someone’s going to be eliminated.

  2. Seems like they now have too many in the weather team. Craig, John, Lissette, Michael, Bay and John. Someone must be leaving???

  3. Glad to have John back in Miami. Welcome back. He must have gotten “sand in his shoes”, as my old friend Ralph used to say.

    Guaraldi is not listed on the CBS4 website and I don’t think he’s ever been listed there. Maybe that’s the answer to the question.

  4. Glad to see 4 is hiring talent for their brains and not their boobs. This puts them right up there
    at the top for meterology. 4 is definitely making improvements accross the board and looking better all the time. Glad to see John back in the fold.

  5. They have a good team in place; they make channel 10 really look weak; they really need to move roland up to chief; julie durda is really tough to listen to and the fake boob thing is really too much and she shows too much of the fake boob thing in the slutty low cut dresses; anyway the trend seems to be hiring talent before fake boobs and that is a positive for the tv viewer

  6. Move Roland up to chief? Really? He lacks personality. He gels better with Todd and Neki than he does on weekdays. He had his time as chief at NBC 6. Betty Davis is doing a wonderful job she is the only woman who has brains when it comes to weather and does not worry about her appearances compared to Julie Durda who has to wear the tightest outfits with boobs ready to fall out. Betty has class and personality. Ch. 10 viewership has been increasing in the evenings and their news overall is better. I really do think that Ch.10 made a mistake hiring Julie Durda all I see is boobs and not listening to weather. But when I listen to Betty I’m listening to her forecasts. Comparing the two: Julie, boobs & weather, Betty, brains & weather. There is a difference between them. Betty has more talent than Julie. John Gerard was a good choice as Chief at NBC 6 I don’t know why they picked John Morales over him. John Gerard is good and has personality.

    • There is not enough time or space here to list all the mismanagement decisions at channel 10.
      Betty cannot be blamed for the loss of long time viewers that will not tolerate air head reporters.
      Convertering cheerleaders to reporters is joke!

      • Betty does not even know what county Miami is located in. She barely can read from the teleprompter. She is one major reason WPLG’s ratings have suffered. Heaven help us if we have a rough hurricane season. Roland is boring. The station made a huge mistake in moving Trent Aric to weekends. He is the brains and the talent of the weather team. The station will never recover from wanting bimbos and tokens to try to form a weather team. Morons.


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