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WFOR Meteorologist Craig Setzer Has Spinal Surgery

Craig Setzer WFOR Meteorlogist flugtag accident
Photo: @CraigSetzer

WFOR meteorologist Craig Setzer took a hard tumble while attempting to fly his flugtag plane in September at the National Red Bull Flugtag Miami. “Doing better, out of trauma center, very sore, no long-term damage” he tweeted a few hours later after the incident but now it seems his injuries may not have been so benign. Setzer had to have spinal surgery yesterday that “took longer than expected.” according to his last tweet.

Spinal injuries are no joke so hopefully he has a full and speedy recovery with not long-term damage, because with WFOR chief meteorologist David Bernard is leaving the station at the end of November sweeps, Craig Setzer could be in line for a job promotion.


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  1. I’m glad that Craig’s surgery was successful. But, I certainly wish that David Bernard was staying w/ CBS. I hope they do not replace him with another skinny, busty, female. Sorry, but there are those of us that like to look at Males — Miss Jeff Beradelli, and Scott Padgett.

    • Yeah cuz we watch local news and weather for the pretty faces. No one cares about reporting or journalism. You know there’s a lot of free port out there that will turn you on more than a radar map

  2. A lot of people will think twice before they make that leap at next year’s event
    Some safety precautions will have to be addressed. Tough break for Craig

      • correct this has nothing to do with setzer, but yes.. wow.. so repulsive. this is why people hate the media. don’t know this reporter’s name, but congrats on being a bigger douchebag than the douchebag you were trying to interview.

  3. Hi” Craig . Ido not know if you remember us. We came to you wedding in Co. We moved to Fl too. We are in Citrus county. We lived opposite to Jim Banning in Co. All our homes were lost in the fire a couple of years ago. We had sold 10yrs prior. The Carlsons John and Rita.


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