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Channel 10 is running some cheesy promos featuring their on-air personalities as family people and how nothing else matters to them. I don’t really get why they must tell me how so and so is the problem solver but when it comes to it family is number one and nothing else matters. I already knew that, us viewers don’t sit around all day wondering “geez if this Channel 10 anchor had to choose between the station and their family what would they choose? Hmmm?” Do viewers care? Doesn’t look like it, not at 5 and 5:30pm at least, hence why it’s getting shaved off and replaced with … Dr. Phil. My advice, stick to being the problems solvers, tell me what you do and why should I give you my time. This family thing … we all know where that got WTVJ.

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  1. Local 10 is almost as boring as Local 6 in Orlando..The problem here is this is an ABC affiliate, not network owned. They should model themselves more after WFOR and WSVN if they are going to be competitive in this market..best thing that could happen to 10 is to be bought by ABC..tie into the ABC affiliation and start being more aggressive with their news coverage. WFOR, when they were WCIX was a lame duck..Viacom purchased them in 1995, they had alot of the WSVN people come on board..guess what, 10 yrs later they are a news leader here in South Florida..

  2. I agree…in this day and age of kids killing kids, parents letting TV raise their kids, and reality programming, the last thing I care about is how personally happy Dwight is when he leaves the studio. Harriet Nelson left town years ago, the news should reflect what it is, not what it wishes it was…


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