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Testing new video format


Just testing a video. Click the image, check it out and let me know if it’s not loading allright. I am thinking of switching to MPEG-1 for all videos but kind of don’t want to dump XviD because of it’s quality

  • Name: 7News 10pm Close with newsplex shot and 11pm tease
    Time: 1:11
    Resolution: 640×480
    Size: 21.7MB
    Format: MPEG-1
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  1. yeah I’ve been trying to fix that but no luck so far. I capture the digital channel and not the analoge. It could be an MPEG-2 problem on my PC since the TS file plays without losing sync

  2. I used VirtualDub framserving to TMPGEnc MPEG-1 with at least 2500 speed if not more. The same thing happens in VDub so … I donno

    Nice looking vid, but … I don’t really like WMV though 🙂

  3. wmv seems to work best on our servers (since we are a microsoft org) anyway, I use adobe premier for all of the video work. might want to search kazza for a copy


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