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Maggie Rodriguez anchored the CBS Evening News this past Saturday. You can still download the newscast from iTunes and check it out

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  1. Love the captions – especially the frame with Norcross.

    And yes, Maggie _is_ better than Katie IMO. Nothing against her, but at this point Katie’s over the hill.

  2. well of course she looks more conservative now…do you think the network will support the Miami hoochie look?

    Everyone who leaves miami changes their look…just like anyone who comes here changes to fit into the miami look.

  3. Hey The Gables

    I personally love Katie Couric and watch her faithfully every night . I never watch the Network news till she started a year ago . I will continue to watch her for as long as she is at CBS . Katie is a joy to watch , but I also love Maggie Rodriguez .


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