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Prim Siripipat is joing the CBS4 sports team as a reporter. She comes from News14 North Carolina, a 24 Hour local news network, where she worked as producer/sports reporter.

CBS4.com – Prim Siripiat Joins CBS4 Sports Team

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  1. What is wrong with ethnic names?

    Sorry. Everyone isn’t named Amy, Adam, Sam and Jeff. You sound incredibly ignorant and. We as news people, especially in Miami, should value diversity. Shame on you!

  2. What is wrong with ethnic names?

    Sorry. Everyone isn’t named Amy, Adam, Sam and Jeff. You sound incredibly ignorant and intolerant. We as news people, especially in Miami, should value diversity. Shame on you!

  3. You guys are lucky you have ethnicity in your news down there. I can name four non-white reporters in Boston. Ones a weekend sports anchor, ones a weekend anchor, a reporter, and a sports reporter (Larry Ridley, who came from Miami). Its a shame up here.
    And yes Adam you did sound incredibly ignorant in your comment.

  4. Diego, yes – she was _that_ bad. Her report was a series of stumbles through the whole football segment. It was difficult to actually understand what she was saying.

    It was so bad that I had to believe she was having “one of those nights” as a newcomer. Now if she does it again, I don’t know _what_ in the world they’re doing over at WFOR…

  5. Joe ,

    Yeah u are right , she was probally nervous . I’ am sure she will do better next time out .

    Steve ,

    You are right at least we do have diversity here in South Florida . Glad I’am not living in Boston as far as watching the news goes .

  6. I don’t have a problem with ethnic names. I mean I like them. It’s just interesting to see a lot of them here in Miami.

  7. Is it safe to say that South Florida has the Sexiest Newscasters in the country? I could with that argument by just watching the Spanish stations alone.

  8. Maybe sexiest because they’re young, inexperienced, and cheap. Other markets have older (non-sexy?) people who know what they’re doing.

  9. She is the one that will take them to number 1, I am sure of it.

    Viewers will never be able to pronounce her last name, but she will turn 4 into ratings gold!

    Plus, a newsroom must represent the community they serve and Prim will be representing whatever country she is from.

  10. Someone mentioned that reporters in Miami are cheap. Does anyone know what reporters make. I live outside Los Angeles and my friend works for NBC. I know reporters here make at least 140 or 150 per year. Anchors make between 350 thousand to 3.5 million. I heard Miami pays reporters 100 thousand or so. Is that inflated??? It would be interesting to get a list of what th salaries are. I think they have droppe din Miami and many other places.

  11. I liked her when I saw her last week. And I think shes a great adition to CBS4, and the diversity is always an excellent thing.

  12. No, Julez diveristy is not always an “excellent” thing. You have been brain washed. It is bad when the diverse person blows and has no experience.

  13. Saw Prim again last night, not too bad, but not great either, so she’s the proverbial 5 on the 1-10 scale.

    At the outset of her segment, she didn’t realize for about 3 or 4 seconds (a long time on camera) that she was looking into the wrong camera. OTOH, she only stumbled about 3 or 4 times.

  14. I completely disagree Bobbie.

    Picture this. A station has it’s morning meeting and everyone around the table is of the same race, sex or ethnicity.
    They are trying to determine what packages, vos and vo sots to cover for the day.

    In my opinion, you are doing a disservice to the viewer when a newsroom lacks diversity. That’s because “diverse” minds have different, unique opinions and viewpoints to bring to the meeting, which adds perspective and insight into what gets covered.

    I agree that diversity should not override experience. But newsrooms should strive to promote diversity. It makes good business and journalistic sense.

  15. The Gables,

    That all sounds so well and good and so PC. But picture this, you would hire people, not based on their skills or their education or their ability to perform their job. You would hire them because of their “diversity” which is a polite or PC way of saying race. That’s what diversity is.

    To say that because you are white you can’t tell a news story to or about black people or because you are Hispanic you can’t do a news story that covers Asians is crazy. Your argument that you need a nice “diverse” group to sort through the news doesn’t work. Tell me how has local news changed over the past 20 years in terms of what they cover? Fires,shootings, storms and car chases. I hardly think it takes a race based group within a news room to decide these are the stories to cover.

    And who gets to decide what the definition of diverse is by the way?

    The news just is. It doesn’t know perspective, feelings or political correctness or morning meetings. It just is. It takes experienced people and knowledgable people and not ones hired because of their race or their “diversity” as you call it.

  16. Speaking of Jill Martin, I thought I saw her commenting during a story, and the caption said she was working of US magazine?!? Wonder what happened to the MSG gig. Or maybe I was imagining things

  17. It sounds as if you are talking about “affirmative action” Bobbie. That is NOT what I’m talking about. There is no point in going back and forth with you. FACE IT. America is no longer all white. The days of Walter Cronkite are gone.

  18. As a follow up to the diversity discussion, I would think that the idea of hiring people of color would apply more when you’re talking about an editor rather than a reporter. I sincerely doubt that Prim (or any sportscasters’) input is sought regarding the lead story of the day.

  19. BobbieB “I” think that diversity is especially necessary in a market like Miami, but in no way was I saying that she was good just because her race, I actually liked her on air personality. I hardly watch CBS4 but I did this once and she looked and sounded great on the camera, the time I saw her she didnt mess up, stumble or anything like that.

  20. Some people take pleasure bashing news talent on this blog without giving the reporters or anchors a chance to succeed.. It is tough when you start a new job in a new news market.

  21. Usually these chick reporters that just start out have to be taught everything and the photographer has to do both jobs.. they get the stats wrong (I was watching Jade Alexander yesterday and she said to Jom Morris of UM Baseball “how does it feel to go to your 3rd college world series?”… was she on crack or was it too early in the morning….?? Just because Prim played sports doesnt mean she knows Sports….. and yes… out of all thew candidates up for the position she was the best (yea, sad, I know) she’s not confident and I woud much rather watch a good looking chick that doesnt know jack than one that is screwing up and its not much to look at..thats just me.. as for diversity… Channel 4 was taking heat for firing women of color…so.. Im not surprised that they hired Prim so they can be “even”…Prim in not new to the business so I think she can do a better job…she wasnt doing sports before (I googled her)… Get a Hispanic guy in there…a guy that nows sports and even out the “diversity”.. there was a black, white and indian.. they should make room for the hispanic guy to bring a little heat and passion to the reporting… there is nothing wrong with that…have you seen that reporter with the big mustache reporting on “republica deportiva”? Dude, that gus is the best.. best of the best… if not the bestest!! in the biz, spanish english… he takes the cake…. rating will definitely jump…. I can guarantee that… JB


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