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A WSVN HD Update


I have a minor update on WSVN’s HD transition.

No exact date still but most likely before or after the Olympics, which begin August 8.

One of the last things delaying them is the lack of HD graphics. WSVN’s graphic department is too busy with everything else. Several creative directors leaving hasn’t helped things either

I’m told WHDH and WSVN’s graphics package will be almost identical though.

Speaking of WHDH, Boston TV blog The Scoop says WHDH will be HD by July 15th. They’re putting up a green screen behind the anchor desk after sweeps with a pre-recorded loop of the newsplex while work is being done to the studio. Mainly removing the TV wall and replacing it with a giant projection screen!

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  1. i don’t know about whdh replacing the monitor wall with a projection screen…they floated that idea when re-working the miami newsplex, but decided it was too pricey and obtrusive…

    on an semi-unrelated note, notice the new neon lights in and around the wsvn news desk?? it looks like a strip club

  2. The TVs in the newsplex in Boston are original to the set. I would imagine that it would cost as much to replace each TV with a flat panel monitor, so I can see how the projector may work…

  3. I will let you know that WHDH is replacing the TV wall with a large projection screen. It is on the upper balcony waiting to be put into place.

  4. WHDH will not be replacing the monitor wall with a projection screen. That projection screen will go up on the balcony. The current blue lightbox with the 7 news logo will be taken down and be replaced . The monitor wall will be replaced with large plasma screens.

  5. newsguy, where did you hear that? All the Boston News blogs dont have that info, they are all saying that the projection screen is replacing that back wall of monitors. Although I kind of like what you said better. Could you please tell us whether this is just speculation or do you know for sure?

  6. A source close to 7 informed me of it. They told me the screen was put up on the balcony during hd rehearsals.

  7. could it have just been put up there because they are not ready to take out all the monitors? or is already set up and ready to go permanently?

  8. to clarify, could it just used up there for the rehearsals while they are waiting for it to be installed downstairs?

  9. I was told that it it hunging in the ceiling while they run HD tests but will be replacing the TV wall. That’s from a VERY high source at 7.

  10. BostonNEws, you really need to check your high level sources! The projection screen is going above the current blue banner. It going to be just like WSVN’s but bigger. The current blue banner is going to be downsized to make more room for the screen. The projection screen is going to be 16ft wide, WSVN’s current screen is 10ft. All the design is being done in Miami, so it’s not surprising your high level source in Boston doesn’t know what’s going on.

  11. LMB is correct. The projection screen is going to be put up on the balcony. The blue 7 NEWS banner will be taken down and replaced with a smaller one. Also look for a redesigned assignment desk, monitor wall and anchor desk.


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