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Ford Flex Miniseries Site Designed by T51/NBC6


Ford flex has this multi-platform miniseries, Amores de Luna, centered around Ford’s new SUV the Flex.

The miniseries airs both on Telemundo affiliates in Miami, Los Angeles and New York after the 11pm newscast and also streams online at AmoresDeLuna.com

The digital media team at NBC6/T51 created the website and the miniseries was produced by Telemundo’s own production facility in Miami.

Before concluding viewers will be able to go online and vote for one of two endings of the series and enter sweepstakes to meet the cast in Miami.

Adweek: Telemundo, Ford Strike Pact

The miniseries itself is ok I guess, I don’t know what it is about since I speak no Spanish but the near constant emphasis on the Flex’ features is somewhat cheesy. Should have been more subtle I think.

As more of use DVRs to skip ads we’ll be seeing similar campaigns from other companies in addition to product placements and those ads HGTV does that are tip or information sponsored by Company X.

NBC6’s digital team also works on the rather nice Autocast

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