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How NBC6 Might Look Very Soon


NBC has a new graphics package that should be disbursed around all NBC-owned stations before teh Olympics. KNTV in San Francisco already has it and someone posted videos on YouTube.

An interesting note, with the new graphics and HD came a re-brand. The station is now known as simply NBC Bay Area and the bug in the lower right displays only NBC. There’s no mention of channel number at all.

Below an open, a bit dizzying me thinks, with former WSVN-er Jessica Aguirre who’s also Louis Aguirre’s sister.

Coming up tease

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  1. Graphics seem all right, but oh, dear…I’m not so sure of the branding tactic there. You’ll notice they still have their old web address of NBC11.com…I hope it’s not like this for all NBC O&Os, as the idea of “NBC New York,” “NBC Los Angeles,” and even “NBC South Florida” (which may or may not happen depending on what W-Post and/or NBC does) seems quite unappealing to me. And I had a feeling that WNBC’s symphonic theme would be used in the new look. But really, it’s that BRANDING that gets to me. I just don’t think that something like that can be pulled off everywhere NBC has a stake in a DMA. It might be okay if a major network affiliate is on an unusally high channel number (WWJ-TV Detroit, CBS, on 62), but if they’re on channel 4 (W/KNBC), then it just won’t work. That’s what I think.

  2. I like the intro & graphics… just not how SLOWLY they did that coming up thing.

    On the other hand, I disagree with MockTV… I really like the idea of “NBC Bay Area,” “NBC New York,” and “NBC South Florida!”

  3. The new NBC O&O graphics look nice. I agree with MockTV… I simply don’t believe this branding moniker idea would work with VHF stations.

    I could picture KNSD San Diego adopting the “NBC San Diego” branding… dumping their current “NBC 7/39” branding. I would much perfer for KNTV San Franciso to revert back to the “NBC 11” branding. WNBC New York, KNBC L.A., and WRC D.C. keep the “NBC 4” branding… WMAQ Chicago and KXAS Dallas-Ft. Worth keep the “NBC 5” branding… WCAU Philly keep the “NBC 10” branding.

    With NBC dumping ownership of WTVJ Miami and WVIT Hartford-New Haven… if both stations get the new graphics, it’s appearance would very likely be short-lived.

  4. I believe in the future, and as technology advances, many O&O’s will do away with channel numbers and focus on regional branding. I don’t know if that’ll be the case with private owned entities, but with O&0 in large markets it can be effective. It will be interesting to see what PN will do with NBC6 in the upcoming future.

  5. Looks good; a few comments:

    a) The term “South Florida” includes the WPB market. So both channels 5 and 6 would be “NBC South Florida”?

    b) If a station’s going to be rebranded, I have to wonder why they’d continue to use an obsolete, analog channel number (come February, of course) as part of their branding. Except for viewers’ memories, habits, and antiquated TV listings, why would a station want to be associated with a ficticious channel number (e.g., 2 or 4)? Looking forward, I’d think that the analog cutoff would be a great opportunity to rebrand with something new and fresh.

  6. I like this a lot, it beats the hell out of the music they have now. It’s too high paced. Whenever I hear they’re theme music, it makes me want to run.

  7. I like the hopeful change to “NBC Bay Area,” “NBC New York,” and “NBC South Florida”.

    Seems as if they took a bit of the branding from MSNBC, and from the current primetime promos for NBC shows.

    The music in the coming up segment was very Olympic like. But, it was way to slow. They have to kick it up a bit. I would like it more high paced.

  8. The music is “NBC Bay Area’s”. If WTVJ gets this graphics update, you could most likely expect the same music.

  9. Re:

    If a station’s going to be rebranded, I have to wonder why they’d continue to use an obsolete, analog channel number (come February, of course) as part of their branding.

    The FCC is requiring stations to transmit their current analog channel number in their over-the-air digital channel’s “Program and System Information Protocol” (PSIP) data in perpetuity as far as I know. For example, WTVJ’s PSIP data maps channel 6.1 to UHF RF channel 31 in an over-the-air tuner. So “Channel 6” will live on long after that 2000 foot tower in Homestead is torn down and sold for scrap. Most cable and satellite companies will probably continue to perpetuate obsolete channel numbers, too.

  10. WTVJ will not be getting these graphics, as they are no longer owned by NBC Universal and NBC ArtWorks will not be contracting with the station.

  11. Justin, they are still owned by NBC. They’re still an NBC owned station until the papers are signed, money is payed, and the FCC approves it.

  12. Re: “The FCC is requiring stations to transmit their current analog channel number in their over-the-air digital channel’s “Program and System Information Protocol” (PSIP) data in perpetuity as far as I know.”

    If it’s true, each station would then be using two channel numbers – one for identity/branding and the other for actual broadcasting.

    Does the “digital plan” call for this artificial limitation? I’d think that with only digital being broadcast within the television spectrum, there would be room for more stations in any given market. Giving each station two channel numbers cuts down the available number of potential broadcast channels. Or is that a non-issue?

  13. cool…
    one thing though..
    jessica aguirre is NOT louis aguirre’s sister. they went to UM at about the same time, but no relation…

  14. I like. Very network type, a little of MSNBC and a little of NBC’s own promos.

    And Joe that asked about WPB and Maimi sharing the South Florida title. NBC5 is not owned by NBC so these graphics and branding wont be for them only O&O NBC stations which WTVJ still is, probaly till next year.

  15. If NBC 6 gets these graphics, it’ll be a nice change. I like the peacock logo splitting up into those column-like things. If NBC 6 is renamed NBC South Florida, it’ll take some getting used to. People are so used to calling it NBC 6 (myself included) that they would have a hard time adjusting to the changes.

  16. I doubt WTVJ will get these graphics. I am sure Post Newsweek will have some influence over how the station will looking.

  17. From August which is when these graphics will likely begin to air, till probaly January WTVJ will be an NBC O&O station. Meaning Post Newsweek has no word on anyhting WTVJ does yet. If these graphics are meant for the NBC O&O station theres no reason WTVJ wont get thispackage.

  18. KNBC has had those graphics since going HD a few weeks ago. I actually like them because they started to use part of the NBC entertainment graphics (which this package is based on). It actually goes well with the HD as KCBS/KCAL had crappy HD graphics and KABC is uses too much blue in their graphics, even now in HD. KTLA’s graphics are pretty good too in HD.


    The 1,849 foot tower near Homestead is not going anywhere,
    certainly not to the scrap yard….

    You either have very bad information or are making very bad assumptions…

  20. I would like to see them simply use “WTVJ” as the branding. Keep the legendary call letters in place. Most people will know where to find it. Like WBZ in Boston, they only brand the call letters and not the channel. Everyone knows WBZ like everyone in South Florida knows WTVJ. I grew up watching WTVJ even appearing on the old Skipper Chuck show as a kid. I hope whatever happens with the ownership change, don’t change the call letters. Keep the legend in place.

    Someone mentioned KNSD in San Diego. They DID once use the branding “NBC SanDiego briefly before their current NBC 7/39 which is a reflection of their cable channel and their actual broadcast channel of 39.

    NBC can’t seem to make up their mind after taking over the station in San Jose. First they branded it “NBC3” as it was their cable channel in most of the market. But that caused confusion with the NBC affiliate in Sacramento which was broadcast over channel 3. Add to that mess is the fact that the Ch 11 signal was weak in the northern half of the market that could also get the Sacramento station via antenna. Then the change to NBC11 and now NBC Bay area? Make up your mind NBC! Its no wonder why your ratings are in the tank in some areas if this is how you treat your properties.

    Here in Georgia, it seems only the weaker UHF stations have resorted to regional branding that avoids the mention of a Channel number.

    WGCL in Atlanta tried “Clear TV” and CBS Atlanta before finally settling on CBS46. It hasn’t helped. Their ratings suck.

    In the market where I live, (Macon) Our NBC station broadcasts over Ch 41 (digital 40) and cable channels vary around the area.
    They branded itself at “Todays MGT” which stands for either the ownership (Morris Group Television) or “Middle Georgia Television”. The call letters are WMGT They happen to be the second place station in the market. Our ABC station recently changed its branding from 58ABC to “ABC Macon”. Simular to the “NBC Augusta” in the Augusta market formerly known as NBC26. And we also have “Southwest Georgia CBS” which is a digital only channel broadcasting on ch43 in the Albany area. Their channel 44 analog transmitter was damaged in a fire a year ago and they decided not to repair it.

    Also covering south Georgia is Tallahassee’s channel 6 which is licensed to Thomasville Georgia. They simply brand themselves at “WCTV” No mention of their channel number except verbally during some station id’s.


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