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WSFL’s New Morning Show Talent Search


‘The Morning Showoff’ is, we guess, the name for WSFL’s new morning show which the station says will re-invent morning TV.

They’ve announced a casting call for on-air talent and content producers that will take place on August 9th at 10am at Nova Southeastern University and online until August 6th.

From the site:

Are you the next Jon Stewart?
Do you live, eat, sleep, and breathe news and pop culture?
Can talk about it endlessly without boring your friends?
Or, would you like to work behind the scenes?

If so, then the WSFL Morning Show talent search could be your shot at TV Superstardom.

It’s not very clear what the on-air talent will be showing off exactly that early in the morning but with a title like that they’ll get at least a few eyeballs to check it out.

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  1. I thought the “morning showoff” thing was more of a name of the audition/casting call itself. That would be a pretty terrible name for a morning show.

  2. It IS the name of the show. I have a feeling it’s going to be ten 18 year olds trying to play anchor.

    I think they are trying to copy The Morning Buzz. (i love that show…)

  3. Hmm, Alex, maybe WSFL should just carry the Daily Buzz (mmmm, Andrea Jackson) 🙂 I saw that show every weekday morning when I visited Urbana, Illinois 2 years ago (the local then-WB station carried it), very amusing.

  4. I would be ecstatic if WSFL picked up the Daily Buzz. After all, it IS mostly shown on the CW & My Network. It would get WAY better ratings then anything CWSFL could produce.

    Hummmmmm *thinks* I wonder if they’re going to film it in the WTVJ studios? Who knows…

  5. WSFL moved to the Sun Sentinel building in Fort Lauderdale so it will probably originate from there considering the launch will be in January of 2009 and there probably won’t be a WTVJ left by then

  6. another low budget try by 39 and that “newspaper” not worth mentioning
    to make a show that they think is hip and cool.
    Public access quality, your probly better off watching some kids web cast than this show will be. NBC rehashed there news for CW. This will be the first time they try to do there own production…..and it will show in the quality

  7. OK, I’ll throw down a bit. All of us who are not in the biz should try out for this. Then if we suck, we should switch to something else to bitch about–like the Dolphins! If they pick someone with any knowledge of the local area it will surely be an upgrade over most of the talking heads.

  8. admin, if there won’t be a wtvj by january of 2009, then where will nbc’s programming live? i thought the fcc approval for the deal would take at least until the end of the year, which gets us awfully close to january 2009, and i’m pretty sure the new building post newsweek is building won’t be anywhere near ready by january, (may or june is more like it, if that). so is your comment just sarcastic, or do you actually know something? Obviously the new CW news won’t be coming from wtvj anymore, that is over as soon as the contract expires. by the way, it looks like wsfl and their “news” will go the way of WAMI. anyone remember The Times? me either.

  9. Gee, maybe you should remember harder…Ben Mankiewicz, former anchor of “The Times,” will be one of the new critics on the new replacement version of “Ebert & Roeper” from Buena Vista (Disney) Distribution. All the folks from WAMI went on to be usefuland productive, and far more talented than the recruits some of these stations have brought in.

  10. i’m not saying wami had no talented people. i’m saying their product blew. and there is a reason it was only on the air for, what was it, 3 days or so? and i have no doubt Ben Mankiewicz will go on to be just as great as roeper, who was almost as great as siskel. wami threw a lot of money at people to work there, way more than the market size dictated, and that did help them get some good people. i think they had some cool graphics, decent promos as i recall, and a hot female anchor on the times. sadly, ben mankiewicz isn’t ringing a bell.

  11. ?, Ben was a reporter on The Times, and took over as anchor in its final days after Amy Atkins left. (whatever happened to Amy? I enjoyed her on the times (and back in the late 80s/early 90s as a reporter at KTTV in L. A.) Another alumnus of The Times was Lisa Cabrera, who was a reporter at CBS 4 for awhile, last I heard she was at a station in NYC.

  12. Finding the “next Jon Stewart” in this market is definately going to be a challenge.

    If the commercials running in this market for the big newspaper in Broward is any indication of the intellect in this town, the next Jon Stewart will never be found here.


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