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Michael Putney and WPLG Together 4 More Years


The Herald reports WPLG political reporter Michael Putney signed a new 4-year contract that will keep him at Local10 until 2012. Putney joined WPLG in 1989

MIami Herald – Four More Years
/photo Local10.com/

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  1. That’s great……..I agree with the previous comment…with all the cahnges at PLG now and coming up they can’t afford to lose someone like Michael Putney…he is the best in the area and the best they have right now for poitical insight. He also did a great job on camera all afternoon with the power outage mess. Here’s to 4 more years 🙂

  2. Thank Gootness! I saying, first Don, then Dwight, Miss Magnum too..??Glord’ whats going down at PLG?

  3. Magnums’ a bitch, I know this from personal experience! I visited all four stations a while back (this was when she was anchoring the noon news) and all she did was yell and scream at the crew members like they were pieces of shit, from my point of view there is no excuse for that

  4. If you think for one minute all anchors are sweet and kind you are mistaken. Diane was nothing compared to Mark Shumaker. He was a pompous jerk. But painted himself out to be “Miami’s #1 Dad”
    Give me a break!


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