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More HD Spotted on NBC6; More Glitches Too


Channel 6 must be having problems with their brand new automation system. A while ago they didn’t run the news update, there was only a black screen and sound of someone talking and snapping their fingers before they went to a promo that didn’t even air completely due to a scheduled commercial.

Hopefully they’re not rushing things just to be first or we’ll be seeing some funny newscasts for a while.

A couple of readers wrote in to say they saw today’s news updates broadcast in wide-screen and one said the time/temp bug said NBC6HD.

It would be rather unusual for WTVJ to slip hi-def on us without any fanfare and hype though.

/hat tip ralphfurley and anonymous/


  1. As long as GE is saving money by getting rid of all those pesky camerapeople and leaving studio production to one person on a joystick…guess it will be another century before someone figures out it’s the management that’s overpaid, needlessly duplicated and generally useless, not the line employees.

  2. From an insider here at NBC6… NBC6 is going HD officially next Wednesday, March 12th. They are starting to use their APC system this Wednesday at 6pm. The APC system is rundown driven and that is the system that is run by one person, essentially hitting the space bar on a computer and one other person in the room. NBC doesn’t have to get rid of camera people since they never had any, at least not for years. All the in studio cameras are robotic. As for the APC system, they are rushing it. They have been rehearsing since November and newscasts are falling a part and it sounds and looks like crap. Some NBC exec ordered it to go online this week, so it is going online wheather it works well or not. NBC6 is about to shoot itself in the foot.

  3. WOW….Now that’s great news, i hope this guy isn’t a fraud….but question: Why TVJ has not been running promos? why turning HD after the 1st sweeps of the year when alot of people get to watch more newscast just when local stations air exclusive reports? ok…enough…who the hell cares…NBC6HD finally!


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