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WTVJ in HD Next Wednesday


an NBC6 insider left this comment in the previous post saying that WTVJ should be in high def March 12, that’s next Wednesday

NBC6 is going HD officially next Wednesday, March 12th. They are starting to use their APC system this Wednesday at 6pm. The APC system is rundown driven and that is the system that is run by one person, essentially hitting the space bar on a computer and one other person in the room. NBC doesn’t have to get rid of camera people since they never had any, at least not for years. All the in studio cameras are robotic. As for the APC system, they are rushing it. They have been rehearsing since November and newscasts are falling a part and it sounds and looks like crap. Some NBC exec ordered it to go online this week, so it is going online wheather it works well or not. NBC6 is about to shoot itself in the foot.

Let’s hope it is March 12th and everything goes as planned, and hopefully we won’t have to see a lot of something like this:

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  1. 7:27am news break (just minutes ago) was in SD along with the blue curtains, although the NBC6 bug said “HD”. Go figure.

  2. The 4:29pm News update was in HD it looks like the in-studio cameras are HD only when they changed to Chooper 6 aerials they had the blue bars wich by the way look alot like the from Nightly News, the lower 3rds were tweaked just a little.

  3. NBC is obviously having a lot of problems. 1 such problems… technical snafus that NBC6 viewers have been seeing left and right. I would likely have to point out poor planning on NBC’s part.

    I don’t know about the rest of you… It seems like NBC has got a lot of problems that really need to be solved.

  4. Today In South Florida didn’t have the blue bars this morning, and around 6:15ish the crawl that comes on the Today show (which is HD) popped up on top of the regular news ticker.

  5. What does WHDH in Boston who was not in HD at the time or planning to switch to HD at the time have to do with NBC 6 Florida which is 1,000 miles SOUTH!!! HELLO!!!


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