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Congress Takes On Loud Commercials


The locally inserted commercials by cable companies have to be worst offenders when it comes to loudness. Now congress is taking on them with a new act called CALM, Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation, (yay for “clever” acronyms). The act will attempt to make the volume of commercials uniform.

Now how do we fix the general campiness that local ads are known for?

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  1. That’s why more people say, I like buyin at BrandsMart usaaaaaaa!!!! Buyin the brandsmart way!!

    At the festival babyyyyy!!!!! The festival flea market sAmple road at the turnpike, pompano!

  2. I still don’t know the point of running Spanish ads during the English Marlins broadcasts, but that “clinica” which bought about 10 ads per game were so poorly produced that I seriously doubt that they attracted any business. Oh, and they were LOUD!! BTW, does anyone else despise Brands Mart as much as I? Seriously, they ask for ID if you pay cash. The security is a bit obtrusive, to say the least. Oh well…the quality of their advertising matches the buying experience–loud and obnoxious.

  3. from personal experience working for a cable co, i find that most loud commercials , arent intentional, just laziness of the person adding them to the system for not setting levels.


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