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John Henry Smith Lands at WVUE

John Henry Smith Photo: JustNews.com
John Henry Smith Photo: JustNews.com

John Henry Smith, former WPLG sports anchor and reporter, is joining WVUE, the FOX affiliate in New Orleans.

He will replace Sports Direct Eric Richey who is leaving the station to focus on his morning sports show at WIST-AM.

John Henry Smith’s contract with WPLG wasn’t renewed and he left the station in July of 2009.

His first day at WVUE is sometime next week.

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  1. John Henry will not be disappointed. I know the people running WVUE, and they know how to assemble a team that will win.

  2. So what’s with the three names and ‘III’? He needs the whole name thing to compensate for other things lacking? It smacked of elitism on Ch. 10, and for that reason I never watched him.

  3. I don’t know. Maybe it was because his father’s name was John Henry Smith II and his grandfather was named John Henry Smith? Just a guess. So you don’t watch someone because of their name? Who’s the elitist?

  4. A point of clarification – JHSIII himself smacked of elitism. He came off as the guy who had to have three names and the III because he just had to be noticed that way. He’s nothing special except for the name thing. Just another gimmick.

  5. I knew JHS a while ago –I’m happy for his success. True, he is quite animated, but he’s a good guy with a beautiful family. Congrats John!! (I could never get used to saying his whole name!)

  6. Congrats John Henry! A great guy who is going to be a great addition to the Big Easy. They are gonna love you!


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