Home Miami TV “Free Condoms! Free Condoms!” Old people having sex!

“Free Condoms! Free Condoms!” Old people having sex!


“Free condoms, free condoms! Protect yourself!”

NBC6 wants you to know about old people doing “it.” Thank you, NBC6. At 7PM, just as I’m finishing dinner and getting an after dinner treat, I really want to think about Grandma and Grandpa having sex! Thanks!

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  1. Why is channel 6 in the toilet because of this? This is a pretty good example of what we should see more of. Ari did a great job with this story. It is funny, but also interesting and newsworthy. The anchors had fun with it and made me laugh out loud.

  2. Great story and Package! it’s always nice to see a story that’s not focusing on something heartbreaking or negative


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