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WSVN and Q McCray Part Ways, Move Roy Ramos Behind the Scenes


As of Tuesday Q McCray is no longer with WSVN. Tipster tells us management told him he was being let go at the end of last year. McCray was supposed to be Joel Brown’s replacement when he left WSVN for CBS Newspath but that never happened.

Andre Hepkins according to the tipster is now officially Brown’s replacement.

Roy Ramos who reported for WSVN was a freelancer. WSVN took him off air but he’s still with 7 behind the scenes.

Q McCray will be reporting for WFTV in Orlando starting sometime in March.

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  1. Even I can’t defend the black man here, he was terrible. Never saw a story where he didn’t stumble all over his words.

  2. Q was a great guy, but some people just shouldn’t be on television. He was unwatchable hope he does better in Orlando…

  3. Q definitely wasn’t very good when he started, but he got 100% better and ended up being one of my favorites! Roy was great too, at least they kept him doing something! They must be having some money issues over at WSVN or something. Heard they got Andre for half of what he made in NYC. Pretty sad.

  4. Q did a great job! He just didn’t over sensationalize and report as if the world was coming to an end. I liked Q because he had a nice presence on air. Good luck Q! -The Competition

  5. Anyone who thinks Q or Roy were good, doesn’t know what makes good television. Both Q and Roy couldn’t find a story if it hit them square in their heads. Come on kids… can’t you see good reporting? Roy is an idiot and poor, Q just doesn’t know how to be on camera. That is the bottom line.

  6. Oh Joe please give us all a break. I mean they way all you go crazy over all these ladies in south Florida. Hello we are in south Florida!!!!!!! I mean it is a hot spot for us gays.

    Thanks Joey
    I love you to.

    Now can someone please drop a pencil off my desk so we can have Roy Ramos bend over and pick it up.

    I think he is great reporter.

    Yeah NBC Producer
    and let me guess Tisha Lewis is the best reporter everor maybe those other reporters on NBC6 no one can remember. I think NBC6 is the last place we need to be getting info on reporters from. I mean more people watch According to Jim than they do NBC6 news and we all know NOBODY watches According to Jim

    • At 6pm, NBC6 is consistantly number two. They beat channel 7 usually and always beat channel 4. At seven, they have been number 2 as well, beating every show except Wheel of Fortune… usually. They also win in the key demos, though, which is 25 – 54 during the 6, 7 and 11. Just sayin’ they’re not doing as bad as they were…

  7. Tisha is awful too. But NBC is doing very well during the 6pm, 7pm and 11pm, Ratings rare up and in the ages between 25 and 54, the most important demographics, NBC often wins at 6 and 11pm.

  8. If I am reading this right…Joel was replaced by Q who is now being replaced by Andre…is there an implication that 7 has a quota system? Is something being implied here or am I missing something (much like Q is missing a first name)?

  9. I’m glad they got rid of Q. He definitely stumbled all over his words. I think the next one that needs to leave WSVN is Rene Marsh. Talk about stumbling over words. That woman cant even speak correctly, plus she always looks like a deer in headlights when she’s on.

  10. Chuck brought up a good point and I would like to say something about it. He asked if there is a quota system in place. I think the TV biz is the only business where they outright tell people we can’t hire you becasue you are not the color we want. I understand that newsrooms wnat diversity, but it often seems like many of the minorities they hire, are just hired becasue they are minorites. How else would someone like Q McCray get hired in Miami? Same with Tisha and Rene. They are awful, no one trains them to get better and they just screw up and make this business look bad over and over again.

    • I am sorry to say, but as a producer, you might WANT to use your spellcheck function BECAUSE you have two misspelled words. You say Q McCray and Roy Ramos are bad reporters. Well for you being an experienced professional, you should know that no one in this earth was born with experience on any particular job. That is attained by being given the opportunity to perform the job and not critized. In addition, what makes good television has to do with the viewers watching your news. In my opinion, just like politicians, your news station is political. And if you think Roy is an idiot and poor and Q does not know how to be on camera. So you are saying your are better than both of them.

  11. Dear Alex and NBC Producer,

    How come I been asking for months on this site for sweep numbers for Nov.2008 yet no one can see to find them or post them? Yet soon as I say something about NBC6 being the station no one is watching everyone seems to miraculously have ratings numbers. Give me a break. Lets either post the results and stop lying about them. Or I got a better idea if you have NO proof of these numbers then don’t mention them. I have never heard of not being able to provide ratings for a market or a show. I think something is beyond fishy here.

    • Diego, we’re not a news station – and therefore, do not pay Nielsen for numbers. The level of paranoia you show (a few of you show) is rather surprising. I find it rather funny that you think i would go out of my way, and post fraudulent ratings. Only on SFLTV would someone think something like that… Oy..

  12. Admin if you have numbers then post them. 6 is not #2 at 6 in demos. Please please don’t post erroneous stats. Then again this is a blog and you don’t really care.

  13. Hey NBC Producer. How dare you. I wish I knew who you were? Do you work at WTVJ???

    I have seen plenty of whites get hired because of their race you bigot. How dare you lump black reportes in a pile.

    Oh. And I got news for you. The term “minority” is outdated. As a whole, The “minorities” are out numbering the “majority.”

    People like you make the business look bad. Coward.

  14. Gables, I beg to differ. People like Tisha make the business look bad. People like Yvette Miley make the whole operation look bad. People like Boylan, who canceled the Sunday Sports Show for yet another 30 minute infomercial, clearly do not understand the business at all. There are examples across all ethnicities and backgrounds who have no clue and still clot my airwaves, or are responsible for the trash that passes for news and entertainment. Garbage knows no color nor language, to be sure. You are certainly correct about the use of the word “minority,” especially in this market. Remember how WTVJ is the 6th place station? Gee that must mean 23 and 51 are “minority” stations, right? I guess not!

  15. Heh,

    Thank you for spouting the same words I have been saying. Prove yourself if you got so much talk about Ratings and Demos. Then show us Alex and NBC6 Producer otherwise stop the Madness.I am begging anyone if you have the last sweep REAL numbers or current ratings numbers for the local station please post them. I am curious to see how all of the stations are doing.

  16. Gosh i’m really sick of people like you. Really? Here’s how this is going to work. You’re going to shut the fuck up, and stop bitching about little, tiny things… or stop logging on to this FREE blog. If you don’t like a free sample at Publix, you forget about it… and don’t buy the product. You don’t, however, bitch about that free sample day after day. You ALL seem to like the blog the majority of the time… and I know for a fact that if we were to close up shop, most of you would be fairly pissed. So again, stop looking for flaws. Sit back, enjoy what me and admin. do as a hobby for you… and shut the hell up.

    Diego, for the 903h freaking time, we don’t have the ratings. The previously posted ratings were fairly recent … and only a little snipit I was sent. You all are really bugging me. Maybe it’s just late.

  17. If Diego really wants numbers, let him pay Nielsen. Numbers do not alter my (low) opinion of most of the news product in this market.

  18. In reality, the admin and Alex don’t have to do this. They do have jobs and lives and loved ones to attend to. Instead, they sacrifice personal time to update us and keep us in the know. Give the guy a break. I’m sure if it were the other way around, you’d get sick and tired also of the constant nagging. Just take what you get and move on! If you want or need something, ask, don’t put them down or bitch at them as to why they didn’t do it. Give them a break! Like Alex said, this is FREE! If you were paying for it, then I’d understand your anger. But, you’re not paying, so just chill. If you want to speak to me about it, feel free to email me, i’m up for a good argument/debate. (: Those are my two cents. Admin and Alex, keep doing what you’re doing!


    • You are absolutely right. As a webmaster of many freely available websites; It’s real sad to see people take sites like these for granted. People like This Gables character always seem to think that they are expected to get some sort of suitable service from a website like this.

      Webmasters spent their hard earned spare time and money on their sites. If you don’t like the site, by all means don’t visit anymore. You would be doing webmasters a huge favor by keeping their bandwidth costs down.

    • Well, in all honesty, what he’s saying is true. None of us haveee to blog. We both have a life and other things to do. The ads don’t pay enough, trust me… We do it as a hobby, and i really don’t think you all get that.

  19. If you want to write a blog and have comments then grow the hell up alex. Grow a set and take the good with the bad. You are sent some ratings, albeit a snapshot that really doesn’t show the “real” numbers” and you extrapolate that out and make a completely erroneous comment.

    And no one has to “shut the fuck up” unless you want to censor comments, which you free to do.

  20. Hey LuisR.

    You obviously have trouble reading. I never asked for the ratings or criticisized sfltv.com. I don’t need any “suitable service” from this blog. I enjoy this blog. I know the people who run it are responsible and provide open discussion. Keep my username off your fingertips.

    • Sorry, got your name mixed up while reading the response to Alex on one of your posts. My comment was directed at heh who insists on keeping up this “biased” ratings tyraid.

  21. There is no “tirade” here, LuisR. Just want the facts. Unbiased, truthful, and accurate. Is that too much to ask?

  22. I so agree with you HEH. I just want the facts. I thank everyone who produces the site for doing it for us. However don’t censor us or give us stuff thats not the truth. That is all we are saying. However if you do not have a thick skin in this world you need to grow one.

  23. Look,Luanne Sorrell is a star over at WSVN.
    A Network will grab her before too long.
    If they were smart they would allow her to rotate
    not just on a as needed basis,but all the time.
    With Richard,Diana,and Christine each taking
    their turn with Luanne reporting in the field.
    Luanne is Fab,I am sure she will be a headline Anchor


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