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4:30am, The New 5?


Broadcasting & Cable taking a look at a recent trend into expanding morning newscasts to 4:30am and wondering is anyone even up at this time?

Turns out that yes, there are enough people up at 4:30am to warrant a newscast at that time!

WPTV launched a 4:30am newscast in January 2010 and according to the story they get a 2.0 rating with a 9 share or about 15,000 households. Nice numbers but they unfortunately didn’t make everyone at the station jump for joy when they were told they’d have to wake up even earlier

It’s fair to say people weren’t jumping up and down [when the station launched a 4:30 in January],” says WPTV VP/General Manager Steve Wasserman. “But what’s great about this crew is that they’re so dedicated to the cause.”

Apparently six of NBC’s owned and operated stations have news at 4:30am, perhaps it’s in the cards for WTVJ as well?

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  1. Yes I’m up at 4:30AM -__-

    CBS, NBC, ABC, and MSNBC already have 4:30AM news programs. These affiliates will now just replace them.

  2. This trend started 5 years ago, I remember KABC-TV in Los Angeles started regular updates after Hurricane Katrina. I guess it stuck with viewers and they added the 4:30am newscast to their already heavy news schedule. Then everyone else in LA followed suit sans KCBS-TV. At first KNBC-TV had a 4am newscast and had Early Today at 4:30am, but they followed course and air at the same time as KABC, KTLA, and KTTV. Here in Tampa only WTVT has a 4:30am newscast, I am sure other stations will follow suit if they need too. Personally the idea is great for people who are up super early and cannot watch the full 2 hour newscasts. Our tastes as news consumers are changing since many people are waking up early.

  3. WTVJ gave the earlier evening news “twice”…..don’t think they wanna try it a 3rd time. They don’t have enough people, they have reporters filling in as anchors. Their budget is so tight. Hell, their sports guy is reporting regular news too!

  4. WNBC (NBC O&O), WNYW (FOX O&O), and WPIX (CW) here in New York all do 4:30AM news.

    I’ve never watched though. I’m never up before 7:30!


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