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Former WTVJ, WFOR Chief Engineer Passes Away

WFOR Chief Engineer Bernie Wimmers. WFOR tower in the back brought down by Hurricane Andrew Photo: CBS4.com

Bernie Wimmers WFOR’s chief engineer until the year 2000 has passed away according to a tribute on CBS4.com. He¬†joined WFOR around 1967 when the station had just launched as WCIX from WTVJ where he oversaw the coverage of launches from Cape Canaveral.

As a chief engineer, Bernie Wimmers brought stereo to then WCIX and put the station back on the air when the station’s transmitter collapsed during Hurricane Andrew. He also oversaw the channel switch in the mid 90s between WTVJ and WCIX, which then became WFOR.

Bernie Wimmers passed away on Sunday, at 75, and is survived by his wife of 55 years, 4 sons and grand children. Funeral services were today in Ocala, Fl

CBS4.com: South Florida TV Pioneer Bernie Wimmers Dies at 75

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