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Is ABC About to Launch Subscription Streaming?


Engadget got their hands on an alleged survey for ABC that’s getting a feel for how people feel about paying to stream the network’s shows online with some caveats. Pricing points of $1.99 to $4.99 monthly and $0.50 per episode were showing up for some of the survey takers

The survey shows two hypothetical scenarios for streaming ABC shows online, a free and paid options with some caveats but both including advertising.

The hypothetical free option will limit users to streaming 2 of the most recently aired episodes, available the next morning after it airs, and with 35% of the advertising seen on TV (approx 5-6 minutes of ads per hour).

The hypothetical paid version of the service will offer the 5 most recent episodes, available immediately after it airs on the local affiliate, with 15% of the advertising seen on TV (approx 2-3 minutes of ads per hour). The paid version might also make available the complete seasons of some shows.

The survey also asks people to assume that any ABC shows now available for streaming on places like Hulu will no longer be accessible for free but may be available to those who pay.

Interesting development, perhaps the result of recent news that as many as 800,000 people have abandoned paid cable or satellite TV in favor of free online streaming? What remains to be seen is how the local affiliates will be handled to keep them happy?

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  1. Who in there right mind is gonna pay for the crappy shows ABC put out ????? not me

    Wake up ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I mean ABC hasn’t had a real hit in YEARS

    I mean especially in the 10pm hour bomb after each year

    maybe its time for a change at the top of ABC PROGRAMMING !!!!!!!!


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