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Miami Heat Win; Stations in Extended Coverage


// Every station in town covered the Heat win and had reporters on the street mingling with overjoyed Heat fans, who on occasion were a so exalted the reporters could barely get a word out.

WTVJ and WSVN went live around 11:38pm. I didn’t see much of what 4 and 6 aired, but WSVN stayed on for two hours straight without any commercial breaks. WPLG being the station that aired the game took advantage of all the eyeballs that were tuned in and broke up their live coverage with commercial breaks, at least in the begining. I also caught a tease for at least one weather update. They were also the last to sign off at 1:47am.

WFOR and WTVJ were first to end their live coverage at 1:30am I believe, followed by WSVN at 1:38am.

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The Miami Heat beat OKC Thunder tonight and all Miami stations are in extended coverage mode.

Watch live: WFOR, WTVJ, WSVN and WPLG are web streaming their coverage from the streets of South Florida. Even Skyforce and Sky10/4/6 are out and about in the middle of the night.



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  1. WTVJ and WFOR seemed the least interested in covering the Heat win unlike WPLG and WSVN. I think WFOR was the worst offender of the bunch. It was lackluster much like their news coverage.

  2. the reason why WTVJ was least interested because it cut into the tonight show and likewize ro WFOR and the late show. In addition, WPLG was covering the game since they are a ABC affilation so they had to go all out and WSVN since after mid-night they can do what ever they want until management says call it a night

  3. Where you all watching? WTVJ had by far, the most inspired post-game show. I thought WTVJ was fabulous, if you ignore Jackie Nespral and that Donna Rapado fiasco.Did you see Ari Odzer being interviewed? His enthusiasm was infectious! He is fabulous. A pleasure to watch. WPLG had the game coverage… they already had the viewers. The others sucked.


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