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Shiri Spear Joins WTVJ


Shiri Spear is the new weekday morning meteorologist on WTVJ. Spear comes to WTVJ from WWLP, a LIN TV NBC affiliate in Springfield, Massachusetts where she was the weekend morning meteorologist since 2007.

We’re hearing that meteorologist Ryan Philips who was the weekday morning meteorologist previously is being moved to another slot.

/hat tip to the tipster ninjas/

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    • Thank you all for shedding some light. I love Trina and Pam but really miss Bob and Ryan! I will try to catch Ryan on the PM newscast. He reminds me of Brian Norcross (forecasting) and certainly has charisma. No offense to the newer ladies but I am not liking their forecasts and agree with other peoples description as silly and annoying!

  1. What happened to Ryan? I think she is better as a weekend person. Today In South Florida is boring now since Bob left. All female morning newscast? I watch Ch.10 or Ch.4 for morning news. And they are using this new girl over Trina. I thought this new News Director at WTVJ was good but I was wrong. As they all say, “the ship is sinking.” I supported WTVJ with the opposition of Post Newsweek and with all the good talented people gone they could go ahead and merge with WPLG.

    • please take roxy off WTVJ morning show….she is a silly silly girl…cutsey is very annoying…love pam, nathalie and trina!!!!!

    • Shiri is boring. Bring back Ryan and Trina at least they had personalities Shiri does not. And what is with Nathalie and her You Guys. She has a responsibility to speak well on the air where she is setting an example for children. And You Guys is unnecessary slang. You are going from bad to worse with Nathalie and Shiri. At least Roxy is well spoken.

      Pam is doing a good job without Bob and Roxy along with Trina are terrific but, please give us back Ryan and shove Shiri where few will see her like late night weekends.

      Thank you.

      • Thank you so much for pointing that out. After listening to Nathalie a number of times in the morning, I wonder who taught this woman how to speak. If I hear her say, “There’s less cars” one more time while doing the traffic report, I’m going to personally finance and send her an English tutor. There ARE FEWER cars, Nathalie. There IS LESS traffic. Got it? There is enough bad grammar going around without reinforcing it.

      • I like Shiri a lot. I believe that she is very natural. The other guys were just to “show off” like the one on ch 7.

        Susan, I think that you are jealous…

  2. He went fron 5 days a week to only a few days a week? Let alone weekends after being week days since Lonnie left? Sucks for him…and for Pam, too. So where will he go?

    • I watched the weekend 6:00 news yesterday and he was on there, doing the weather. I think his talents are wasted on the weekend slot, as it is so limiting. He is a very good weatherman, very knowledgeable and has a good disposition (he’s also from my home state of Ohio, which is cool). I miss him on the weekday morning show. WTVJ seems to have a habit of just “plucking” people out and removing them completely or moving them around. Bad leadership at the station.

  3. I think its actually promotion for Ryan as he is filling in quite a bit for John Morales who goes back and forth to Telemundo and doing some weekend nights too.. Ryan is the number 2 guy now.

  4. Yet another blunder by WTVJ. I’ve always been an NBC News fan, but can’t bring myself to watch the Miami affiliate for morning news any longer. The anchors/co-anchors are all way too silly. What happened to real news reporting? Miami tries so hard to be a world class city – yet its citizens have to settle for this level of morning news programming. Too bad really.

    • I agree, I no longer watch the all girl morning news . . . all too silly and gabby and giggly. I miss Bob Mayer . . AND Ryan phillips . . . who is in charge? Bad move…. when you get back on track . . .I may be back! Sad state of affairs

  5. Its called not wanting to spend the mighty dollar. They refused to renew Bob Mayer’s contract ( he did not want to retire)and then, they don’t even hire someone to replace him, but instead go to just one anchor ( who is working part time with no or little benefits).

  6. I’m up here in MA and was just curious where she had gone to. I may have had my qualms with her at first, but she grew on me. You should see the amazon we have now; she’s good, but cripe, one intimidating build.

    • I’m in MA also and it took me a while, but I grew to like and trust Shiri and her forecasts.
      Joy, that was a pretty mean comment about the new weekend forecaster. She’s attractive, cheerful, and personable. So she’s not a size 0, big deal.

    • I’m up here in MA. too. I really liked Shiri Spear. I have to say I don’t like the new one – Ashley Baylor. I’m sure she’s a perfectly nice woman but I find her irritating to watch and it has nothing to do with her build. She’s got this loose strand of hair halfway down the side of her face and she keeps tossing it back almost like a nervous tic, and her voice just sounds like jabberjabberjabber to me. Had to switch channels and now watch Ch. 40. It’s interesting how these news and weather people seem to just disappear all of a sudden as if aliens just came down and plucked them up. I still can’t find out what happened to Rick Sluben.

      • I miss Shiri Spear alot eoo. She hass a really nice personality and was very informative. She always gave extra reports/facts and had a true intrest in ecology. One felt that she was in their home reporting, like a ‘friend’! I really miss her alot, Ashley is very professional, but lacks the personal touch. Yeah…….what did happen to Rick Sleuben?? Will we ever know up here in Mass.?? NBC 22 tells us nothing!!

        Good luck Shiri!!

  7. I don’t think that John Morales has worked for Telemundo for a few years. And how do you know if Pam is working with no benefits? Seems awfully forward that you know (or think you know) what everyone’s deal is. Bob Mayer is gone, Ryan Philips is moved and it’s all girls all the time. The show is not the same and too far out there. Easy score for other stations to grow when this is what they are fighting against.

  8. I wondered whether or not this would be considered a promotion or demotion for Ryan. I really miss the “news” in the morning from WTVJ. I have no problem with all female or all male (although I think it nice when there is diversity). However, the format has gotten waaaaay to light-hearted and, well, for lack of a better word, silly. The walking around and different sets. At 5:00 in the morning, I just want to sit down, have my breakfast and watch the news. If I wanted to watch “The View” I would set my DVR up for it. I have been watching WTVJ for nearly 10 years, but as of tomorrow, have already decided to check out the other stations.

  9. David, anytime when you go from the mornings to the evenings its a promotion in any market. I saw Ryan on last night. He is also the fill in for John when John works at Telemundo.

    • Ahh, okay, thanks Mitch. Just seems odd to see him only on weekends. I guess I must miss the weekdays when he fills in for John Morales. I don’t always get home in time to catch the 6:00 broadcast.

  10. When does John work at Telemundo? Why can’t Ryan do Telemundo instead? It makes more sense work John to stay on NBC 6. Ryan speaks spanish, right?

  11. I am from MA as well. I liked Shiri a lot. She was professional and personable. The fact that she is very cute doesn’t hurt. Her replacement is not very good at all. Her look is strange and she is not as polished as Shiri was.

  12. I don’t have a problem with Shiri per se… however, I do have a problem with the silliness that has transpired since they have gone to an all girl team. They act like a bunch of teenage girls talking about topics that really don’t have anything to do with local news. Pam Giganti is a true professional but was much better teamed with a man (Bob Mayer). When you put her with Roxy and the others, it brings the professionalism of all of them down. And this bit about reading emails of what viewers think of a certain topic… who cares???

  13. I’m a huge supporter of NBC and no matter what city I live in or visit for work or pleasure I watch the local NBC Channel for the news. In the past year NBC 6 has begun losing me as a supporter with the exception of the evening news which is a bit more professional. I am over the whole female dominated morning news since Bob departed. Pam seems lost without Bob, Roxy tries to much to be a comic which she isn’t, Nathalie is great reporting the traffic..how hard can it be? Shiri spears replacing Ryan Phillips and Trina Robinson doing the weather..really?! And…stop with the laptop, iPads and camera angles all over the studio. Pick one seat and stay there. Who needs to see your green screens and lighting all over the studio? How many people does it take to report the morning news? Bring back the news as it should be or when I switch over to Channel 4 I will stay there for good.

  14. Hi RJ,

    Your comments echo my earlier comments exactly. I could not agree more. I have watched the local NBC news programs since moving to Florida (I, also like you, tend to watch NBC in every city). However, as of this past Monday I stopped watching the morning show on NBC 6. I could not take the nonsense anymore. I may flip back over in a a month or so to see if things have changed, but at 5:00 AM, I am not in the mood for all of that silliness.

  15. I am from MA and miss Shiri’s bubbling personality. If she predicted stormy weather she could put a smiling icing on the bad weather. She acutally was my husband and my favorite meterologist…and being a bit silly sometimes makes for a a happy start to the day. We miss you Shiri but if you must…good luck in sunny Florida.

    • I liked Shiri on 22 in MA, her forecasts were as accurate as anyone else’s are around here. (is that saying much?) She lost her weight after having her baby in no time at all! She was a bit flaky at times though…When she was on weekend mornings with Jackie Ibanez, I always got the impression that they wanted to lean over and kiss…
      When predicting partly cloudy skies, she’d always get mixed up and say that the coulds were going to be “far and few between”, instead of the other way around! I saw her do that ALOT.
      You’ll enjoy her there though and I wish her the best of luck!

  16. What’s with the all girl revue? Pam Giganti and Trina Robinson are true professionals but are at risk of losing their respectability. Bob Mayer was a great loss and what a shame Ryan Phillips has moved. Please stop with the high school antics. The show has gone from a great news program to a silly, giggly gossip format. My husband and I have watched this show for at least 15 years but have had it with the constant giggling. A funny segment here and there is fine and welcomed but please get serious.

  17. i miss ryan big time in the am weekdays! now-too many girls and it sounds like ‘yak yak yak’ in the am…i swithced to ch 10 -sorry

  18. Good Luck to Shiri in sunny Florida. We miss you up here in New England’s Pioneer Valley.

    You folks in Florida got a Good Meteorologist, give her a shot.

    Unfortunately the girl who replaced Shiri is monotone and she speaks quickly and its hard to tell what she is saying.
    Her choice of clothing is terrible, she is always dressed in a pant suit and you get the feeling she is a fast talking Lawyer not a morning local Meteorologist.

    Shiri was more down to earth and dressed the part of a Meteorologist, casual professional style.

    • I am also from MA and I really miss Shiri! Very disappointed that she left New England. She did a good job, was professional and interesting. Not a fan of the new girl. Very disappointed in 22’s choice. What happened to Rick Sluben? Shiri you will be missed!

  19. Hi Paul,

    It is not about giving Shiri a chance. Unfortunately the prosessionalism and synergy of the morning news show has declined dramatically over the past month or so. If you’ll review the previous comments you will find that to be the overall theme. Her ability as a meteorologist has not been at question. Moreover, the unfortunate decision of management of the station to have the newscasters behave in a silly and unprofessional manner is more the issue.

    • Dave, I hear you, as a viewer I to would be annoyed.

      To bad your Local Station Management has turned a once stable team into a revolving door.

      Its not any better hear, its something we all need to accept for awhile. I hope Shiri Spear doesn’t conform to that gitty brand of broadcasting, its not needed. Good Luck Miami viewers

  20. I’ll miss Shiri, too. Her replacement here at WWLP, though, is a young man. The woman came aboard as a replacement for Rick Sluben

  21. I think the people of florida should give Shiri a chance. I really liked her here in western mass, she’s no nonsense, certainly not giddy, and she’s really knowledgable about the weather and other aspects of the environment. My husband and I had the pleasure of talking to Shiri at great length last year about whether we should go ahead with a big fireworks show we have in our hometown. Shiri took our situation very seriously and helped us in our decision making. Good luck to you in FL Shiri, we miss you here in MA. As a side note, I think Ashley Baylor has big shoes to fill and I for one will wait until she settles in. Joy, remember, if you can’t say anything nice….

    • I too am from Western Mass and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Shiri for a local piece about dredging a pond that I lived on. She was professional and pleasant. She delivered the weather news just as professionally. I miss her not being on WWLP seems that when they get someone who is good that person mysteriously disappears. Rick I hear is now working for the local ABC affiliate. Good Luck Shiri. Miami’s gain.

  22. I don’t have a problem with Shiri Spear and I believe she bring a little zest to the morning news. I definely don’t have a problem watching beautiful women early in the morning, they’re a sight for sore eyes. Keep up the good work guys!!! Whenever there is change, we tend to reject it because of what we are comfortable with. I agree Pam, Trina, and Shiri are professionals and should be in front of the camera during the most of the segment of the news,but Roxy and Nathalie probably appeals to the younger viewer. WTVJ should make some adjustments but a little humor is good at times especially during such arduous times as these. Lets give them a chance, I bet you the younger generation don’t have a problem with the way WTVJ is running things these days. Be nice, change is good sometimes.

  23. I’m currently living in Amherst MA, but will be moving to Jupiter soon. Hope to watch Shiri once again — she is a great personality, no put on, a REAL person.

  24. Miss Ryan…. Where is he.
    New Girl is Good
    Don’t like Trina

    Miss real news in morning. Don’t live anything work and home.
    Watching 10 or 4 for news in the morning.

    Sorry.. Watch lonie on weekends

  25. Rick Sluben formerly of WWLP now works at the Bertera Car Dealership at exit 8 of the Mass Pike in Palmer. Go figure!

  26. My morning news show is Channel 6, but I feel that it’s becoming “goofy”. I miss Bob Mayer since he gave the show balance. All the walking around needs to stop. Roxy and Nathalie don’t mix well with Pam and Trina. I would also like to mention the ladies do not dress professionally. Instead, they look like they are ready to go out to a club.

  27. As of last week, I no longer watch Channel 6 in the morning. I have been a loyal viewer of NBC news but can’t take the 5-7 am news on Channel 6. Bob Mayer and Ryan are sorely missed, Pam is a pro but does not seem comfortable “dumbing down” her reporting to match the goofiness of Roxy who I wish would just go away. Nathalie is okay, but suffers from the same repetitive traffic reporting by saying the words “this morning” 4 to 5 times during each traffic report segment.

  28. I think Sheri was a fine meteorologist and wish her well in Florida. Unlike some of the comments I have read I think the new meteorologist, Ashley Baylor, is very good also. I find her very knowledgeable with a nice, bubbly personality. She is also very dedicated since on a recent Sunday night I saw her do the weather at 11:30 PM after the football game, and then when I woke up at 5:30 A.M. Monday morning she was doing the weather again! Keep up the good work Ashley.

  29. I’m also from Western MA and I miss watching Shiri Spear in the morning. She was great and has a great personality. Best of Luck in FL Shiri.


  31. I stopped watching the morning news a few months ago. Cannot stand Roxy and her high school giggling. This station has gone downhill and is quite boring. The facebook readings…who cares?? Very unprofessional. Roxy & Nathalie have to go.

  32. I am a woman but I will NEVER watch a newscast with all women. Two woman anchors. A woman weather reporter. A woman traffic reporter ( not needed on any station, Skycam is enough) and a woman field reporter. Women have irritating voices and they are always talking over each other. Especially this group of silly unprofessional women. Roxy is at the top of the list on that one. They dress more like they are going to the beach than as professionals.
    I feel sorry for Trina Robinson because I really like her. She’s the classiest one there, and to see her lumped in with the others is sad.
    And enough of this facebook and Twitter infuse. They are supposed to be giving us the news, not the other way around. I don’t care what other people think. Their responses are predictable anyway. I’m watching the CBS morning news now and only switch back to NBC for the Today Show. Sometimes I catch the last minute of NBC and I’m glad to see that they have eliminated the knobby knee shot at the end. So sad to see how the oldest TV station in Miami has gone downhill. Then they wonder why they are consistently last in the ratings. Ralph Renick is probably rolling over in his grave.

  33. I live in Western mass and I must say wwlp has lot all thewir good people Shiri wasd great, and Rick was great, now they are noth gone. Rick is now selling cars…huge career change I must say…..and Shiri’s or Rick’s replacemtns aren’t very good at all either. Good luck in Miami Shiri!

  34. Shiri is good…also Nathalie she is very attractive and where is she? I miss her traffic reports and “Today in S Fla” Love the necklace Shiri is wearing this morning,,.is it Ivory?

    • Apparently, Nathalie is on vacation (or some kind of leave, they only said that Nathalie is “off” today (insert your own joke here)) 🙂

      Usually they only take a week at a time, but who knows.

  35. I agree – Trinia is the best of the bunch (even after my erroneous e-mail almost got her into hot water about 10 years ago – that’s what happens when you’re NOT listening to what a newsperson is saying!), and has endured many changes at TVJ, and I also agree that an “all woman” news crew is just too much, for again all the reasons mentioned above, and I’ll add one more – too many women egos in a business that is very ego-driven is not a good combo…

    My brother worked for ABC a million years ago (lol), so I’ll always be a WPLG fan, and for good reason – they have stayed with a conserative, classic newsdesk style that was created by the late Ann Bishop and the retired Dwight Lauderdale – and it works…

    I don’t know about anyone else here, but at 5:02 a.m. I’m not wanting to see how short someone’s skirt is on WFOR, WTVJ or WSVN, or who’s makeup is better than the other’s, so…

    I wish Shiri well, but a word of advice to her – stay in camera range until you’re finished reading the forecast – an empty screen next to the forecast graphic looks VERY awkward…


  36. Oops – make that Trina…

    P.S. Trina, you might recall my ‘Big Dummy” e-mail of about 10 years ago – that’s what happens when I’m half asleep and think someone said something that wasn’t said – sorree!!!

    And it’s any consolation, Trina – my dear older sister read the riot act to me for about 10 minutes when I told her what happened!!!

    Trina is the senior person and very good at her job (minus my goof)…

    We all miss Bob Mayer, since he was one of the last of the “316 North Miami Avenue” gang from the early days of WTVJ…

    My own suggestion – Pam Giganti would probably appreciate a co-anchor – certainly it would help with those terrible hours (I was amazed when Bob Mayer at his retirement said that they regularly arrive at work sometime after 1:30 a.m. – yipes!!!)…


  37. miss you in chicopee,mass. glad you missed all the tornado’s in springfield. what a mess. stay well and good luck at your new location.

  38. miss you here in chicopee. glad you missed all the tornado’s in springfield last week, what a disaster and mess. stay well, and good luck in your new location.

  39. Shiri, can you please tell me where you got the beautiful silver blouse that you were wearing on the Fri. 7-1 “mother of the groom” top I have been looking for. Thanks so much.
    Ginger Gibson
    I suppose this is not the correct way to contact you, but I couldn’t find any other way. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  40. Shiri you are beautiful and look beautiful on television.Are you related to Britney Spears?.Have a wonderful day

    • @Abraham

      If you check the last name it’s Spear (singular) NOT Spears (plural). Having said that, I’m fairly sure she is of Israeli heritage.

  41. @jvidal Patriot Missiles will save us from the Iraqi Scuds. But it’s always good to have a bomb shelter to hang out in.

  42. @ Cluckin Veggie Cooker would you please expound on your comment, as I do not see the relevance of which we were speaking.

  43. Is Shiri gone from WTVJ – she was out last week and was “off today”, but this week they have not mentioned her…

    • I just saw Shiri on the 6 PM broadcast, maybe she’s been filling in for John Morales (I guess Ryan Phillips wasn’t available).

  44. Shiri Spear is a famous meteorologist
    She needs to check the dictionary for the expression “tapering down” INCORRECT! Tapering off is the correct usage of the expression.


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