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The Voice of WSVN Semi-Retires From Voice Work


Scott Chapin, the voice behind WSVN and WHDH has decided to smell more roses and read less scripts come 2011. On his website Chapin says he’s going on a sabbatical and will only do image and promo campaigns and only for a select few clients when 2011 rolls around in a couple of months.

I could be wrong, but I think WSVN and WHDH were the two stations who used him very extensively. Scott’s voice is heard daily in pretty much all the teasers for upcoming feature stories on 7News, as well as the teasers prior to the 6pm, 10pm and 11pm newscasts on both WSVN and WHDH. And of course Deco Drive.

Scott Chapin has voiced everything for WSVN since about 1988 then later WHDH when Sunbeam bought it in 1993, as well as more than a dozen other local affiliates throughout the country. When I lived in Seattle KIRO, which is also a Channel 7, had Chapin as their voice over but only for the newscast opens and I believe promos.

If you’ve watched WSVN newscasts you may have noticed they actually have two voice overs. The second guy is only heard when the short bump before or after the commercials rolls announcing a newscast’s sponsor.

It will be interesting to see who, if anyone, Sunbeam picks to fill the gap but whoever it is they better work on their snarky voice for Deco Drive because every other fill-in just wasn’t as funny and felt out-of-place. Personal opinion of course.

/hat tip to SFLTV reader murrow via bostontvnews/

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  1. Big news! Scott is 75% of what makes channel 7 what it is. I hope they find some way to capture his voice on computer and maybe do a text-to-voice. No other voice can make news come alive. period.


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