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WPTV’s Jim Sackett Stays For Another Year


WPTV’s lead man has agreed to stay another year reports Page2Live. Apparently Jim Sackett, who’s been the main co-anchor at WPTV for many years, got convinced by station management to put off retiring and put in another year at the anchor desk. Wit some caveats. The station’s management allegedly wanted him for two more years but Sackett only agreed to one with a six month part-time work schedule.

Page2 adds that that Jay Cashmere who was considered most likely to succeed Jim Sackett when he retires will not. Management put Cashmere on the anchor seat at 5 and 5:30pm but rival stations WPEC and WPBF have continued to gain on WPTV. WPEC has been closing in on WPTV and even dethroning the once always #1 Newschannel 5.

Come this May, WPTV will be losing another high-profile anchor – Chandra Bill, who is leaving the station and the  TV news business to work a Chick-fil-A franchise with her husband.


  1. Page2 has NO clue who will or will not succeed Sackett and if it will be Jay or not. Jose Lambiet is full of it. He’s always naming someone as the successor of somebody else and guess what? They usually wind up leaving news and not replacing ANYBODY! also WPEC have beaten wptv at 11pm (how is that the fault of the 5/5:30pm anchor?) Cashmere is overrated. he gets outclassed every day by his coanchor, Shannon.


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