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WSVN Loves Branding So Much!


Some people say there is no such thing as too much branding and WSVN’s bosses have to be part of that group because the amount of branding they do during the average newscast is just ungodly. The newsplex is kind of obvious but you don’t have to pay close attention to realise they love to drill it in your gray matter that you’re watching 7, and especially at night, ‘The Night Team’.

So, how many times do you think they said ‘Night Team’ in a WSVN 10pm newscast? Or, how many times is the WSVN logo staring back at you, often in multiples, in a newscast? The short answer is a lot! But if you want to get more precise, our friend TMBtD edited a whole hour of 7News at 10pm and made a heroic attempt to count how many times circle 7 popped on-screen.

I tried counting along but got exhausted in the first minute of the video. Check it out after the jump

Maybe that’s why WSVN is so recognizable!?

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