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Comcast to Spend Some Cash on NBC Affiliates


Today Comcast released their second quarter earnings report and during the conference call with investors and journalists the head of NBC Universal Stephen Burke took a swipe at General Electric for the way it ran its broadcast division. General Electric, NBC’s previous parent company, did not invest enough cash in NBC affiliates to make them competitive according to Burke. He also said Comcast management is optimistic about the broadcast stations especially now that they’re able to charge monthly fees (retrans) for every subscriber that has access to an NBC-owned affiliate station on cable and satellite.

Burke also says they are adding 40 reporters, 20 producers and other staff for a total of 135 hires at the 10 NBC-owned stations (of which WTVJ is one) and that stations in five markets are building investigative units.

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  1. this is good news for wtvj, assuming it will get a fair share of this extra funding. Perhaps Miami, a top 20 media market with four professional sports teams, can have an NBC channel with an actual sports anchor every night?

  2. They are bringing Yvette Miley down to run the station again. They feel is she is back WTVJ can avoid being good at anything. Blacklesbo is Back!

  3. Clickspring Designs has designed news sets for most other NBC O&O’s… I believe WTVJ’s news set is long overdue for a makeover. KNSD San Diego and WCAU Philly are already playing new NBC O&O Theme Music (by 360 Music)… and I’m guessing that remaining NBC O&O’s will get the new theme music eventually.

  4. Furthermore… investigative (or watchdog) journalism is needed on WTVJ and other NBC O&O stations. I could picture WTVJ adopting “The I-Team” as their investigative journlaism mokiker… if it’s not been taken by another Miami station. Investigative reports being commonly seen during ratings sweeps.

    I could picture WTVJ changing its news branding as well… I believe I’ve suggested “Action News” as a good branding.


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