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Want a job? WTVJ is Looking for a Meteorologist

WTVJ NBC6 South Florida

A job posting from 10/15/2012 shows WTVJ is on the hunt for a meteorologist. It doesn’t specify what shift they’re looking to fill but the person must be able to work flexible hours including mornings and weekends and have at least 5 years experience as a TV meteorologist.


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  1. julie and joe at wtvj are fine as long as he works the 6 and 10, she works the morning and they are never in the building together at the same time…jennifer reeves is much more credible than any of the other weather females on weekday mornings

  2. NBC can’t put them in the same building since there is an order of protection against Joe Rose. if there was a meeting or something off schedule, NBC would be forcing them to break the law.

  3. Where do you come up with this nonsense? Just to stir up conversation on this sometimes-updated gossip blog? Order of protection? Laughable.

  4. anyone know which shift this meteorologist will be working? is anyone leaving?? really like existing weather team…

  5. What is the likelihood that Julie will return to the morning airwaves replacing the current morning weather guy and competing for WSVN viewers?

  6. According to Shiri Spear’s FB page, she has left the station to pursue another opportunity up north. Could this be Julie Durda’s new home?


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