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WTVJ Sports Reporter Kristina Pink Says Goodbye


Update: TVSpy reports she’s joining FOX Sports in LA starting off as an NFL sideline reporter

WTVJ sports anchor/reporter Kristina Pink had her last day on the air at WTVJ this weekend and her work buddies sent her away with a sugar high courtesy of a colorful newsroom cake. No word on where she’s going to next but you can follow her on Facebook at Facebook.com/kristina.pinktv

Kristina Pink Photo: Facebook.com/kristina.pinktv

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  1. Why is it that when TV personalities leave you can’t get a straight answer on “why”? If someone leaves without another
    position elsewhere it is obvious they were fired because noone in their right mind quits without reason. My guess in her case she was a little to hip for South Florida Market

  2. Mr SportsFreak, Often people leave without a job if the option is to re-sign for multiple years with no way out. It’s a gamble, but if you have some irons in the fire it may be worth it.

  3. Kristina Pink got a huge job working in LA for one of the local TV stations. She’ll also be working the sidelines for some NFL games on Fox this year.
    Mr. Sports Freak, why don’t you crawl back inside the hole you came out of? Really. You have no information to base your statements about her being let go by NBC6 – you just throw crap out there to stir it up. Shame on you.

  4. Wow. Sorry anyone misinterpted my question but I only asked it because the article states “no word on where she is going next” which leaves one wondering especially when it
    seems like she just started there. Glad to hear she landed on her feet in LA. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, In The Know.

  5. Really easy for you to sit behind a computer and imply things that aren’t true about someone else who you don’t know at all. Maybe you should think about that before speculating on someone’s career/livelihood in a public forum and assuming bad news.

  6. I’m so happy she left. Now just need to get rid of Jackie Nespral and WTVJ will be able to gain viewers for the news. Her on-air personality is horrible. It was a pleasure to see Kelly Craig on today during T.S. Isaac coverage. Take a good look Jackie – there’s your replacement, if she wants to come back.

  7. kristina Pink has the most awful, high pitched voice……..
    Have lived here all my life..and agree……..Jackie Nespral’s time is up………..When she pronounces some names she sounds like a Spanish language teacher…..cannot even understand stand what she is saying..it is obvious who she is catering to…….her shoe polish black hair is so Latin…..this is American English language TV…….so why should we have to put up with this……there are plenty of other newcasters around who speak English to an English speaking audience……Kristina Pink is no loss….she had the most awful, high-pitched voice..not pleasant……


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