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12 Days Until Julie Durda Goes Live on WPLG

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A post from yesterday on WPLG’s Facebook page finally showed everyone just when meteorologist Julie Durda will make her first on-air appearance after leaving WSVN late last year. Although, now it’s left everyone wondering exactly which morning weather are we going to see Durda on, weekdays or weekends?
Julie Durda WPLG Meteorologist

If you take into account that the post was made on April 3rd, 12 days later is exactly April 15th, which is a Monday! Which could either mean she’s getting introduced that day and then she goes to weekends, or they really are going to put Julie Durda head to head with her former colleague Vivian Gonzalez and WSVN.

The reaction from viewers in the comments while mixed, seems to be slightly trending toward the negative calling her anything from a “less-than competent diva”, to “nothing more than eye candy”. One viewer said WPLG are “trying to copy channel 7 with the tight dresses and fake boobs”. It also seemed like Scott Padgett has his little fan base with several commenters what’s going to happen with him.


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  1. I read the facebook comments and they were mostly critical if not brutal. While I would like to see JD in the weekday mornings, I’d hate to see Scott pushed out that way so sudden because he does a great job. But Julie=ratings from Local 10’s point of view so we shall see.

  2. Scott is moving to the weekend mornings with Todd & Neki. Betty Davis is the head (chief) meteorologist, who is doing a very fine job. Surprise Michael Smith is still there thought he was leaving. Maybe Trent Aric is actually leaving since he was demoted to weekend evenings. They should get rid of Jen or move her with Kristi at noon. Kristi is anchoring the noon news and reporting in studio with Health Reports in the evening. Jason & Constance is more watchable than Jen. MJ Acosta is pretty good too. One thing they should change is their news package music and set.

  3. 12 days from April 3 is Monday, April 15.

    I would hate to see any of them lose their position because they do a great, professional job.

  4. I like NBC South Florida’s idea of WPLG needing new set and theme music changes. Theme music: “The One & Only” by Gari Media Group. WPLG originally commissoned the theme in 1992, and commissioned updates over the years. As for WPLG getting new music package… not sure how “Eyewitness News” by Gari would go over… maybe WPLG getting “Icon News” by 615 Music, or somehthing else.

    WPLG has had its current set since moving to Pembroke Park from the previous, long-time Biscayne Boulevard location 4 years ago. Not particularly crazy about the current WPLG set… and wouldn’t mind WPLG getting a new and better looking set.

  5. Scott is excellent in the morning. He has a great personality, is a very good weather man and isn’t a bad “looker” either (depending on what you like.) But if you will also notice, 10 has recently changed their weather and traffic “sets” to be just like 7 — it’s all blue wall. To me, that all points to Julie on in the morning. Scott moving to weekends.

  6. I have never seen so much built up anticipation for a tv personality joining a network. This is like Lebron James joining the Miami Heat. That said, April 15th can’t get here fast enough!

  7. Interesting that at the bottom of the Local10 web page the graphic showing Calvin, Laurie, Will and Trent now has Trent gone and Betty is shown. She has been doing all his time slots plus did Saturday since last week.
    Personally I think this Julie thing is for all the wrong reasons…..can’t see messing up the good things they have going on.


    Julie Durda may be good to the eye (to some), but Scott is definitely the best meteorologist at WPLG. How does his professionalism and precise weather forecasting gets acknowledged by the WPLG…by reassigning him to the weekend AM shows. Bad move!

    I, along with many (soon to be ex) loyal WPLG views will be switching to another morning show starting Monday. WFOR is the channel I will be watching. Too many unexplained changes being made at WPLG without viewers being informed. Jacey should have been your weekday AM anchor with Jason, along with Scott doing the weather.

    I know my opinion is probably not of importance to WPLG’s management, but a simple survey can guide you with how to improve your ratings.

    By the way, good looking to the eye…as why Julie is joining WPLG…is different for everyone. Scott is good looking to many of your female and male viewers.

    This is no longer the house of Ann Bishop, Dwight Lauderdale, Don Noe, Chuck Dowdle, and so many other legendary news professionals.

    Good luck to Scott and Jacey! I will be watching them on the weekends…and hoping that when they make the move to leave WPLG for a TV station that values talent, that they stay in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area.

  9. Looks like WPLG has fell into the gutter with WSVN by bringing Julie Duh-Duh on with the skin tight dresses that are way too short, the sultry, phone-sex type speech, and all the clown make-up. Been watching WPLG since 1966… that all changed. I was under the impression a weather forecast was just that, not a sex-fest for an ex-cheerleader who is no longer 16 and makes me RUN for the Pepto Bismol! I’m not one of the “folks” and definitely not her “friend”. What WERE you thinking WPLG? Apparently the station doesn’t feel they have enough of what it takes to get viewer ratings by being professional. Switched to WFOR where they still have some class, dress, speak, and act like professionals!


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