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CBS CEO: We Can Take CBS Off The Air In a Few Days


CBS CEO says he can make the broadcast network cable only in a few days if Aereo prevails. CBS (and the other broadcast networks) are angry courts recently declared Aereo a legal service. The ruling prevents Aereo from being shut down, and prevents a local affiliate station like WFOR to extract as much as $1 per month from every TV paying subscriber like they do with cable and satellite TV customers because Aereo rents an actual over-the-air antenna to its subscribers.

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    • he’s bluffing. The affiliates have contracts, CBS has sports contracts. Him and FOX are most likely trying to get congress involved so they can either shut Aereo down or force them to pay retrans fees which is what this is about. They can’t collect a retrans fees from Aereo because the service rents you a physical over-the-air antenna. It would be like asking for money from antenna sellers.

  1. he is full of crap and with all the money the networks have to fight it they cant win and that is why aeero keeps battling on even though its expensive…they should embrace the idea and figure out how to work together, aeero is increasing viewership, duh…pigs get slaughtered and the networks are being piggy


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