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WFOR Anchor Shannon Hori Moves to WAVE


fl_shannon_hori_smileIn March we learned WFOR isn’t renewing anchor Shannon Hori’s contract so after 6 years in Miami she is moving on. Now the Orlando Sentinel reports Hori has taken a job with WAVE, the NBC affiliate in Louisville, Kentucky as the station’s evening anchor and that she starts July 1st.

Shannon Hori has been with WFOR since 2007. She joined from the CBS O&O in Dallas, TX.

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  1. Really hate to see her go. Looks like the morning anchor at 4 is the new face at 5:00. Maybe Shannon’s contract negotiations didn’t go well.

    • Rhiannon, maybe. Her and Joshua are causing ratings angst at other stations so they might keep them together and bring someone else in, or promote from within.

  2. I’m unhappy myself with what is happening at CBS4. Too bad I’m not a talent coordinator, because if I was I’d replace its current so-so VoiceOver with Scott Chapin. Why is this happening?

    • their evening ratings are in the gutter & probably the fact that bringing virtual unknowns to anchor mornings has skyrocketed the morning ratings

  3. As for who will replace Shannon Hori on 5PM, 6PM, & 11PM news. Rhiannion Ally and Cynthia Demos are in-house favorites possibly jockeying to anchor evening newscasts. We’ve heard rumors and rumblings of CBS possibly wooing Maggie Rodriguez back to 4. We really don’t know if CBS could be eyeing a talent from a competing Miami station… WPLG anchor Kristi Kreuger, who was recently pulled from morning news… or former WTVJ anchor Kelly Craig. The idea of Kristi or Kelly co-anchoring evening news on CBS 4 could likely be described by some as a coup.

    • Eyeing talent at a compeing station? I don’t think anyone wold be that crazy to jump ship for a newscast that rates as low as the CW station? Unless they saw the writing on the wall at their shop. Beatriz Canals left WSVN for WFOR and look what that got her

    • If CBS4 did hire Kelly, I guess she would have to give up her DJ gig at SHE, oops Variety 103.5 (and maybe the Wednesday morning appearance on the Paul & Young Ron show. I would say go for it, Kelly, CBS > Clear Channel as an employer (IMHO) 🙂

    • The only reason I could see Rihannon getting the main anchor slot is so she can share the same hours as her husband who currently anchors the 4, 4:30, 5:30 & 6:30p newscasts as well as reports for the 10 & 11p newscasts over at WSVN.

  4. I personally would love to see either Beatriz Canals or Kelly Craig getting hired by CBS 4 to become their new main anchor. Just recently Beatriz said in her Facebook page that she was thinking of getting back into the news business. I think she would be great (as she always was)!

    CBS 4 made some big mistakes to loose Beatriz and Jade Alexander when they did all of their shuffling years back. Why not bring back an experienced and talented person like Beatriz.

    I also would love to see Kelly back on the anchor desk in SoFLa. She is one of the best in this market!

    They should keep Rhiannon on the morning show since they are now capturing the audience that is leaving Local 10 due to their stupid mistakes. Keep the CBS 4 morning team intact please!

  5. I really like Shannon, and its a shame that the station is apparently knee jerking to the other stations shennanigans that are going on in SoFlo. I remember a piece she did on her Grandmother being in a Japanese internment camp in WWII. It was a stiring, emotional, and educational piece that touched me greatly. I hope her new station values her talent and her family makes the adjustment. Meanwhile we are left with sorry news like SVN sceaming out ridiculous headlines and that garish set….SMH

  6. No surprise at this anchor’s tanking career. Dallas, Miami, now Kentucky? There’s no way an ego like that would go willingly to such a small town.

    • She posted on her Facebook that she had worked in Louisville in the 1990s, which is where she met her husband. Husband’s family is apparently still there, so move made sense given her two small children. She’ll be switching her on camera name to her married name, Shannon Cogan. This is clearly not a move driven by an ego (and I would not characterize her ego as being huge).

      I am very happy for her – Louisville may be smaller, but she will shine there and likely have a whole lot less pressure and BS. It’s not worth being in a big market if you’re just going to get stabbed in the back (or worry about when you will be…) Life is waaaaay too short. This way she can do what she loves with a lot less worry.

      We’ll miss you Shannon!

  7. What happened to Maribel Rodriguez? I saw her last week anchoring and as of right now she’s no longer listed on CBS4’s website. Personally I don’t care for her as she always messes up the news but I’m just curious.

    • Maybe just a glitch on the CBS4 site, she is working today, saw her tease a story she was working on at 6 AM

      • she’s around for a few more weeks, doesn’t start in Louisville until July. There doesn’t seem to be a replacement (yet) so I imagine they will hang on as long they can, especially since they are down to two evening anchors (her and Eliott Rodriguez)

    • god help us. she’s actually not as bad as I expected on WPLG. Can’t imagine they’ll let her go without a fight, they’re acting like they have the goose with the golden egg with their newly configured weather team.

  8. I am sorry to see Shannon go. In a short time she really established herself as a substantive, caring news anchor who I thought fit in nicely in Miami.

    First Antonio Mora, now her… and do we assume Elliot Rodriguez is left behind and safe with a contract renewal? Is this really the right way to go?

    I am guessing they bring in someone new to the market to shake things up. They had better hope it works.

    • They had no choice. Her numbers are so bad she had to go all the way to Ky. to a market that is less than
      1/5 the size of ours and the kicker is the station is the worst one in that market. Something else is in play here because that just smacks of desperation. You can almost see the seething look on her face. Ha!

      • sportsfreak,

        they have financial problems..foreclosure and the hubby ripped through a ton of cash…if she was being shown the door then she needs to work, they can live comfortably on her salary in louisville and do a reset, happens to people everyday…cut back on the cars, house, etc. and they will be doing fine

  9. Shannon Hori is the best news anchor on any of the Miami stations. She and Elliott work very well together.
    I haven’t watched the Today show since they took off Ann Curry and I will do the same with channel 4. My husband and I only watch 4 news, it is a shame we will have to stop.

  10. I worked at WAVE in Louisville. When I switched over to WLKY, Shannon was leaving Louisville for Minneapolis, I think. She was morning anchor at WLKY, the CBS affiliate. So, I only barely got to know her.

    I am curious who she will be replacing at WAVE. They have not announced any departures. They have struggled in the ratings. I think Judge Judy beats them. They come in 4th often times. They were the first station to have studio HD cameras, but the FOX affiliate has surpassed them with total HD– studio and field cameras, as well as HD live trucks. The other stations only run network and syndicated shows in HD.

    This does seem like a huge drop from a top 15 market down to market rank of 50. Perhaps WAVE is willing to fork out money now, in order to boost ratings. The main female anchor and weather man left, because the station couldn’t afford them. They were always voted best of Louisville, and explains the huge ratings decline.

    • Ted, as Joe R says, she and her husband are having financial problems (reported on Gossip Extra, I provided the link but my post still requires moderation) — foreclosure and big medical bills with one of their two sons with heart trouble. Sad.

      Louisville is also where husband’s family lives, so while she may not have had a chance to stick around at CBS-4, returning to Louisville will have many perks in her case. Much less pressure, too.

      Best of luck to her.

  11. I Have lived in South Beach Since 1998
    And I don’t Understand what is going on at any of The South Florida Stations in terms of the Personel Moves they have
    Made Non of them Make any sense to me as a viewer.I However do wish Shannon Well At WAVE.

  12. lee,

    its clear that at elast in the mornings its all about silcone and big hair, they wouldnt do it if it didnt sell, wtvj is the last holdout and if they start losing in the ratings they will have to follow it up with a weather bimbo and probably move pam giganti out and bring in a silcone sister..its really more of a reflection on this market vs. the news readers themeselves

  13. Good luck with that second gig in Louisville. Really unfortunate to see her go. WFOR is really a tool. I’m so determined to block a live shot an let everyone living in SoFla know how bad CBS 4 is.

  14. Sharon Hori is a classy intelligent warm generous woman. what a loss to Miami. I, like Zink , no longer watch the Today Show and won’t watch 4 news

  15. She is the best reporter in Channel 4 and she is the face of Miami, well I think I’ll go back to channel 7 because Shannon is not in channel 4 anymore.

    Just wait until you see a surprise in Deco Driv on Channel 7 maybe someone will bring Shannon Hori back to South Florida because I know that WSVN will do a smart move.


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