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Jennifer Gray Signs off WTVJ Again

WTVJ NBC6 South Florida

Jennifer Gray WTVJ NBC6 South Florida meteorologistWTVJ meteorologist Jennifer Gray has left WTVJ, again. Monday’s 11am broadcast was the last day for her at NBC6.

Gray first joined WTVJ in July 2007 from KTBS in Shreveport, Louisiana. She stayed  a couple of years until the summer of 2009 when she left NBC6 and went back to KTBS to be closer to her family and boyfriend. Two years later and Jennifer Gray returned to WTVJ in the fall of 2011, this time known as Reeves. She filed for divorce in early January of this year, was officially divorced by June, and changed her on-air last name back to Jennifer Gray.

Word has it she’s heading up north to Atlanta. Gray is dating weather hunk andChris Warren Weather Channel Seattle native Chris Warren who works at The Weather Channel HQ in Atlanta hosting Weather Center.

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  1. Wow dissapointing.she is a piece of ass…….just saw her last sunday morning looked even hotter and much more busty……looookin good

    • Yeah what a shame, she’s a hotty and good as a weather person too. I too did notice her chest popping out more lately. Probably those ultra padded VS bras.

  2. I liked Jennifer and will miss seeing her, but it seems that she does a lot of her thinking with her vajayjay 😛

  3. Guess it remains to be seen if she’ll be appearing on The Weather Channel… or if any of the local Atlanta stations (WSB, WAGA, WXIA, or WGCL) or CNN could be wooing her as well.

  4. Too bad. She was the best part of channel 6 weekend morning news team.
    The news anchor, Sharon, is lost if she is not reading off the teleprompter.
    Jennifer will have no problem getting a new gig. Very likable.

  5. Admin, you called it, per her Facebook, Jennifer is now at CNN. Oh well, at least (most of us) can still see her on air (whenever she’s on) 🙂

  6. She is such a hot piece of ass, its hard to watch her with those skirts/dresses just above the knee and the beautiful pair of tits she has.
    What a face, too! I need private time after watching her….

  7. Heard she plays the skin flute to perfection……..I would erupt all over those nice tits…….miss seeing her locally


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