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Three Miami TV Stations Get Zimmerman Trial Seats


The George Zimmerman trial jury selection begins Monday and several Miami news outlets have scored courtroom seats to cover every minute detail.

Twenty four news outlets have seats behind the defense, of them four have been assigned to Miami news outlets. WTVJ, WPLG, WSVN each got a seat, also joined by the Miami Herald except WFOR, they’ll have to rely on CBS.

Zimmerman Trial Seats for WSVN, WPLG, WTVJ and the Miami Herald

WPLG has reporter Christina Vazquez covering the trial, and a special ‘Zimmerman Trial’ section on Local10.com. Kevin Ozebek be reporting for WSVN, and WTVJ enlisted has someone but no info yet who it is.

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  1. Why won’t SFLTV post the May sweeps news tv ratings? They gave us Palm Beach last
    week but not Miami/Ft Lauderdale. Does anyone know where to get these?

  2. WFOR must be very pissed that they were left out of this one! Also surprised that there were no local Spanish language cameras selected – Univision national gets a nod, but no Telemundo. And Marinade Dave (blog) gets a seat. Hmm…

    I am guessing 6 will give this assignment to Steve Litz. This one cannot go to a lightweight reporter, especially after all of the trouble NBC national got in after editing their story so poorly.


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