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Most Watched Programs Locally. Hint It’s Not News


The Sun Sentinel’s Johnny Diaz has a top 10 list of the most watched TV programs from last week in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market. No local news made it that far. South Florida apparently likes football with a dash of telenovelas, a Latino version of Dancing With The Stars and 60 Minutes thrown in. How’s that for eclectic viewing?

Notably, WFOR and WTVJ are the only English stations to crack the top ten with WFOR taking 4 spots, while WTVJ had just one spot but they get to brag about being at the top due to Sunday Night Football on NBC. The other 5 spots went to WSCV and WLTV.

60 Minutes on WFOR is the only news program, it came in third place with 246,000 viewers, and right behind CBS Sunday Night Football. Unless you think of Sal Y Pimienta on WLTV (a gossip show) as news, which it placed fifth with 242,000 viewers.

Check out the whole list programs here


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  1. Thanks for sharing Mr.SFLTV 🙂
    WSVN’s 10 p.m. newscast usually pops up in the top 30 of most watched programs week to week.
    For the week of Sept. 23-29 for example, their 10 p.m newscast was #25 with 137,000 total viewers tying with Univision’s “Tempestad” telenovela and NBC’s “The Voice”

  2. It’s not CBS Sunday Night Football. It is NBC Sunday Night Football. Makes a big dif on who wins sunday night ratings. WSVN with honorable mention is no surprise since most
    want early news on sunday night and hit the hay.


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