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WSVN Hires Karlene Chavis as Weather Anchor and Producer

WSVN 7News

Chavis-Edited-Web-jpgKarlene Chavis is the new WSVN weekend morning weather anchor and weather producer. She gives a much-needed reprieve to WSVN meteorologists Brent Cameron and Vivian Gonzalez who’ve had to cover the empty weekend slot since Vivian Gonzalez was promoted to weekday mornings almost 6 months ago.

Karlene Chavis joins WSVN from KESQ, the ABC affiliate in Palm Springs, CA where she worked as the station’s weekday morning weather anchor. She’s a graduate of The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University and is working on her Master’s in Geological Sciences from Mississippi State University.

You can catch her on Twitter @KarleneChavis

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  1. Let’s just see if she can make her bones during our hurricane season. If she is still standing it will
    establish her credibility. If not, we will see her in Lakeland.

  2. Wow did you see that red dress this morning…..a very welcome addition to the saturday morning team…..she is no vivian but she will do nicely

  3. The mornings over here in The Coachella Valley (CA) just won’t be the same without our Karlene reporting the weather. We’ll miss you but wish you the very best in your new position on the east coast. You are truly outstanding in what you have accomplished here in the desert & deliver the News/weather reports in a professional & “stylish” manner!! Thank-you for coming into all our homes with your sunny & positive personality………..Good – Luck in your studies/ career, God bless~~~Sincerely, Danny&Gretchen

  4. Palm Springs & surrounding cities send you our best wishes Karlene. You brought us the weather like no other & I’m sure WSVN Is thrilled to have you!!!

  5. wow the more i see her the more i want to see of her!!!!!! what a apiece of ass,nice tits and ass……at least we dont have to see brent….lol

    • At least you *have* seen her. I had early appointments on 6/1 and 6/15 and missed the WSVN Sat. AM newscast. I was home on the 8th, but because of TA Andrea, Phil did the morning show. And I think I have another early appointment this Saturday 🙁


  6. Karlene, I am happy for you, however, I will continue to miss the fun shared with Stella, Todd and you…Wishing you the very best!!!

  7. It’s about time WSVN show some diversity in the Weather Department! Sister girl brings some flavor, jazz, and color to da damn thang! She’s well versed too. Do yo thang sista!!!


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